Purple Hazers

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Purple Hazers
Purple Hazers

You go down to the basement of the frat house, warily protecting your backside from unwanted paddling. At the bottom of the stairs, you see a grisly sight. There are candles, mostly burned-down, lit in a circle around a pledge bent over with his pants around his ankles. Frat boys in red robes are passed out all around the circle, and the pledge appears to be unconscious as well. It looks like someone's been hitting the beer bong pretty hard...

As you get closer, though, you see claw marks on several faces and ferret tracks in pools of blood. Somebody unleashed an army of attack ferrets on these guys. But who?

And more importantly, who cares? This is a good chance to score some loot without having to fight a frat boy for it.

Search the pledge

You pull the pledge's cargo shorts the rest of the way off, carefully averting your eyes. He doesn't have anything in his pockets, but the shorts are still good.

Shorts.gifYou acquire an item: Orcish cargo shorts

Examine the hazers

You pull back the red hood on one of the hazers and see he's still wearing his red baseball cap under it (backwards, of course). You snag the hat and take it with you.

Cap.gifYou acquire an item: Orcish baseball cap

Leave the whole disturbing scene

You head back up the stairs, pausing only to gaffle one of the many, many homoerotic frat-paddles hanging on the wall.

Paddle.gifYou acquire an item: homoerotic frat-paddle

Occurs at the Orcish Frat House, on or after level 9.


  • The title of this adventure is a reference to the Jimi Hendrix song "Purple Haze."