Pumpkin bomb

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pumpkin bomb
pumpkin bomb

Hello, Daddy, Hello, Mom
I'm a p-p-p-p-pumpkin bomb!

So that happened. Anyway, this is a pumpkin with a lit fuse sticking out of it. I recommend a combination of a gyroscopic glider and a ridiculous costume as a delivery mechanism. That way, it's sure to disarm your opponent and leave them frail and bedazzled, a total zero.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 10 Meat.

Vaporizes an enemy and causes all of its items to drop

(In-game plural: pumpkin bombs)
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Item number: 4766
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Wad.gif pumpkin Knob Goblin firecracker
Equals.gif pumpkin bomb

When Used

You light the fuse and toss the pumpkin at your opponent. After it goes off in a flash of dazzling yellow and flying pumpkin guts, there's nothing left of her but a stain on the ground.
Eyes.gifYou acquire an effect: Everything Looks Yellow
(duration: 150 Adventures)

If you already have Everything Looks Yellow:

You can't take another one of those pumpkin explosions until your eyes go back to normal...

If you try to use it against a boss:

You're too scared of this particular monster to get the fuse lit.


  • Disintegrates enemy, and causes all its (non-conditional) items to drop. Does not work on bosses. This is identical to the effects of the He-Boulder major yellow ray.

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