Puddle Puncher

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Puddle Puncher
Puddle Puncher

Trudging through the snowbanks near the Goatlet, you're comforted by a sense of familiarity -- you used to trudge through snowbanks all the time, back in the Frigid Northlands.

As you crest a hill, you're confronted with another familiar sensation, this one far less comforting -- the dark presence of an Infernal seal.

You investigate the area, searching for the source of the dark energy. Your search leads you to a frozen puddle. You gaze through the ice and see two tiny eyes glowing in the depths (it's a surprisingly deep puddle.)

Angered, you punch through the ice and grab the eyes. Er, the thing the eyes were attached to. Which is a figurine of an Infernal seal.

Sealfig9.gifYou acquire an item: figurine of a cold seal

Occurs at The Goatlet.