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How many turns before ghosts go away?
Under what circumstances can you get two in a row?

protonic accelerator pack
protonic accelerator pack

This nuclear accelerator is an extremely dangerous piece of equipment. It's a good thing it was safely assembled by a trained professional with all of the proper nuclear materials handling clearances.

Type: back item
Cannot be traded or discarded

+25 Damage vs. Ghosts
Regenerate 2-20 MP per adventure
+15% Item Drops from Monsters
All Attributes +10
+5% Chance of Critical Hit
Monsters will be less attracted to you.
Allows you to bust ghosts
(which makes you feel good)

(In-game plural: protonic accelerator packs)
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Item number: 9082
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Obtained From

DIY protonic accelerator kit (August 2016 item of the month)


  • After combat, if 50 adventures have passed since the last message, gives a message indicating paranormal activity in a specified location, where the next encounter will lead to a protonic ghost fight.
Walkietalkie.gif The walkie-talkie on your proton accelerator crackles to life: "Paranormal disturbance reported in <location>."
  • Until you beat the ghost, or a certain number of turns has passed, the following notification will be displayed:
Investigate the paranormal activity reported at <location>.
  • The 50 adventures do not have to be spent wearing the pack, but you do need to be wearing the pack to trigger the notification of the encounter.
  • Under certain circumstances you can receive two encounters in a row.
  • If you ignore the notification for fifty adventures, another ghost will be generated.
  • Ghost encounters appear to be procedurally generated, seeded relative to Path number * 2 + Class number * 3. It is unclear how ghost selection is influenced by specific zones being locked off, and there may be an additional mechanism that reduces repeated ghost encounters.
  • Against non-boss ghosts, grants the skill Shoot Ghost, which makes ghosts angrier and deal more damage. Using Shoot Ghost 3 times in one combat provides access to Trap Ghost, which insta-kills the target and grants +20 stat gains from the fight.
  • While equipped, defeating non-protonic ghosts drop 1 psychokinetic energy blob after combat.
Your protonic accelerator pack beeps to alert you to the presence of nearby residual spirit energy.
Ectoglob.gifYou acquire an item: psychokinetic energy blob
Your protonic accelerator whirs as its walkie-talkie falls off and a new one emerges from somewhere inside it.
Walkietalkie.gifYou acquire an item: almost-dead walkie-talkie
  • Once per day, the streams may be crossed with another player wearing their protonic accelerator pack, via a button at the bottom of their profile:
You tap <playername> on the shoulder and gesture at your protonic accelerator packs. Then you both fire them at a nearby rock, intertwining your ion streams and creating an intense but localized nuclear reaction.
Protonpack.gifYou acquire an effect: Total Protonic Reversal
(duration: 10 Adventures)
Your protonic accelerator hums for a minute and then vents some nuclear waste.
Radiation.gifYou acquire an item: rad
  • Out of standard, it is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
You grab your protonic accelerator, which somehow made it into the afterlife with you.
Protonpack.gifYou acquire an item: protonic accelerator pack

Protonic Ghosts

Location Ghost Item Type Effect
Cobb's Knob Treasury The ghost of Ebenoozer Screege Mr. Screege's spectacles accessory +20% Meat from Monsters
Lets you find valuables after fights
The Haunted Conservatory The ghost of Lord Montague Spookyraven Spookyraven signet accessory So-So Spooky Resistance (+2)
+15 Stench Damage
+15 Damage to Stench Spells
The Haunted Gallery The ghost of Waldo the Carpathian Carpathian longsword weapon (1-handed sword) +20 Hot Damage
+20 Damage to Hot Spells
+10 to Monster Level
The Haunted Kitchen The Icewoman frigid derringer ranged weapon (1-handed pistol) +20 Cold Damage
Has a chance to briefly stun your opponent when you shoot them
The Haunted Wine Cellar The ghost of Jim Unfortunato Unfortunato's foolscap hat +10 Prismatic Damage
Mysticality +10%
-2 MP to use Skills (in-combat only)
The Icy Peak the ghost of Sam McGee burnt snowpants pants So-So Cold Resistance (+2)
+10 Hot Damage
Inside the Palindome Emily Koops, a spooky lime Liam's mail shirt Damage Absorption +50
Muscle +10%
+2 Stat(s) Per Fight
Madness Bakery the ghost of Monsieur Baguelle smoldering bagel punch weapon (1-handed utensil) +10 Damage to Hot Spells
Spell Damage +5
The Old Landfill the ghost of Vanillica "Trashblossom" Gorton tie-dyed fannypack accessory +2 Prismatic Damage
+10% Item Drops from Monsters
The Overgrown Lot the ghost of Oily McBindle haunted bindle weapon (2-handed polearm) +10 Spooky Damage
+10 Damage to Spooky Spells
The Skeleton Store boneless blobghost fleshy lump off-hand item (shield) Maximum HP +20
Regenerate 2-4 HP per adventure
The Smut Orc Logging Camp The ghost of Richard Cockingham standards and practices guide off-hand item So-So Sleaze Resistance (+2)
Lets you censoriously lecture foes
The Spooky Forest The Headless Horseman ghostly reins off-hand item +10 to Familiar Weight
+2 Familiar Experience Per Combat
This item will disappear at the end of the day.

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