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This is a blessed garment from space that will protect you from all of the corruption you encounter in the mortal world. And also provide much-needed support when you go jogging.

Type: accessory
Moxie Required: 100
Cannot be traded or discarded

75% Chance of Preventing Negative Status Attacks
Damage Reduction: 20
Grants Protection from Dreadsylvanian Curses

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.

(In-game plural: Protect-Your-Junks)
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Item number: 6445
Description ID: 184362016
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Obtained From

Dreadsylvanian Woods
End of the Path
Falls-From-Sky (Hard Mode)


Your underwear shifts uncomfortably, preventing the curse from taking hold.
  • If someone chucks a jawbruiser at a person who wears it, the person who chucked it instead gets a Bruised Jaw:
You chuck the jawbruiser at your target, but for some reason, it bounces back and hits you in the jaw.
  • Similarly, using puppet strings on a person with this equipped results in the user who use the strings getting the effect, with the puppet strings not being consumed. The strings cannot be stacked together this way. It is unknown if all strings cannot be stacked, and the effects of stacking stacks.
  • This does not protect the wearer from Unmotivators.
  • When worn, if that player has their equipment hidden, looking at their public profile instead displays:
This player has elected to make their equipment private, but you can still see their weird diaper-like blessed space codpiece.
Bb speedo.gif Protects-Your-Junk


  • Prior to August 8, 2013, using puppet strings on someone wearing this item and having it reflected consumed the puppet strings. This was changed and announced by CDMoyer in /pvp. It is unknown (but they most likely did) if strings stacked this way prior to this update.

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