Professional Tour Guide

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Professional Tour Guide
Professional Tour Guide

This trophy is earned by having an ascension history with "90%-100% favorite" runs for 30 different familiars.

Professional Tour Guide You're entitled to the "Professional Tour Guide" Trophy, for giving so many of your familiars the grand tour.


  • To find out the percentage you have to go to the character menu from top bar, there click on "Ascensions"; the percentage is set as a tooltip for the familiar image: leave the mouse cursor over the image for a short while in order to see the usage percentage. It is only available for past ascensions, not for your current one.
  • A run that is at least 90% no familiar does qualify.
  • Familiar percentage is set upon freeing the king, so after freeing the king you may use other familiars to drive your familiar percentage below 90.0 and still have the run qualify for the trophy.