Procedurally-generated skeleton

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Procedurally-generated skeleton
Monster ID 1323
Locations The Tower of Procedurally-Generated Skeletons
Hit Points 1.4 * (145 + 5*floor)
Attack 145 + 5*floor
Defense 145 + 5*floor
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum undead
Elements None
Resistance (varies)
Monster Parts unknown
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
procedurally-generated skeleton You're fighting a procedurally-generated skeleton

Another day, another dollar. A day in this case is a flight of stairs, and a dollar is a door. Also there is another skeleton.


Another flight of stairs. Another door. Another skeleton.


More stairs, more door (which one does simply walk into,) more skeleton.


More stairs, more door, more skeleton.


Stairs. Door. Skeleton.


Stairs. Door. Skeleton. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Up the stairs, through the door, and... fight the skeleton.


You go up another set of stairs, open another door, and find another skeleton.

Hit Message(s):

It backhands you in the <ankle> with its bony hand. Be thankful it didn't backbutt you.

It detaches its skull and throws it at you. Classic skeleton move. Painful!

It knees you in the <arm>. The moment where the knee-bone connects to the <groin>-bone is very painful.

It bites you on the <shoulder> with its jagged, bony teeth. The dental insurance in this tower must be abysmal.

Critical Hit Message:

It closes its eyes (wait, what?) and concentrates. You feel your own skeleton spring to life as if possessed -- exactly as if possessed. Before it's over, you've hit yourself in the <solar plexus>, the <kidney>, and the <giblets>. Stop hitting yourself.

Miss Message(s):

It tries to bite you on the <forehead>, but your <neck> slides into a gap in its teeth and suffers no damage.

It detaches its skull and throws it at you, but you catch it and throw it back. Looks like all those horrible years of dodgeball paid off after all!

It tries to knee you in the <head>, but the knee-bone does not connect to the <head>-bone.

It tries to backhand you, but its fingerbones fall off.

Fumble Message:

It falls to pieces, not in the Patsy Cline sense but in the literal sense. It takes a few minutes to reconstruct itself. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat


  • Procedurally-generated Skeletons have a soft damage cap that is believed to vary by floor. Some spading is on the talk page.
  • This appears as a "procedurally-generated skeleton" for On the Trail, but there are subtypes with variable traits:
    • Accurate ones seem to hit with all attacks.
    • Blazing ones deal Hot Damage every round by area effect.
      The heat coming off of this thing is nearly unbearable. You should probably get out of its kitchen. Or, y'know, kill it. (hot damage)
    • Charred ones are Hot aligned.
    • Dancing ones disable items.
      The skeleton is dancing around too much for you to use that item.
    • Deadly ones have 40% more Monster Attack.
    • Disorienting ones sometimes block skills.
      You try to use that skill, but you're too disoriented. Stupid disorienting skeleton.
    • Foul-smelling ones are Stench aligned.
    • Frigid ones deal Cold Damage every round by area effect.
      Just being near this thing chills you to the bone. In the cold way, not the scary way. (cold damage)
    • Frozen ones are Cold aligned.
    • Ghostly ones reduce physical damage to 1.
    • Giant ones have 40% more Monster Attack and Defense.
    • Greasy ones are Sleaze aligned.
    • Lascivious ones deal Sleaze Damage every round by area effect.
      You really don't like the way this skeleton is looking at you. (sleaze damage)
    • Nimble ones have 40% more Monster Defense.
    • Scary ones are Spooky aligned.
    • Shifty ones sometimes avoid regular attacks and physical attack skills.
      The skeleton is too shifty, and your attack misses. Dangit!
    • Shimmering ones reduce ALL elemental damage to 1.
    • Shiny ones reduce spell damage to 1.
    • Terrifying ones deal Spooky Damage every round by area effect.
      The aura of terror surrounding this skeleton is palpable. You'd palp it, but you're too scared. (spooky damage)
    • Thick ones have 50% more HP.
    • Thorny ones deal physical damage when you hit them with a melee attack.
      You jab yourself on the skeleton's thorns. Ouch!
    • Unstoppable can't be stunned or staggered.
      This skeleton cannot be stopped, so your efforts to stop it are in vain.
    • Unwashed ones deal Stench Damage every round by area effect.
      Man. This skeleton hasn't had a bath in centuries! (stench damage)
    • Vicious ones deal bonus damage (500 at 1100 monster attack, compared to a deadly doing ~90 damage at 1600 monster attack).
  • One becomes more likely to get multiple subtypes/effects on the same skeleton the further up the tower one advances. Less evolved skeletons will still be encountered.
    • 2 effects starting at 135th skeleton encountered.
    • 3 effects starting at 225th skeleton encountered.
    • 4 effects starting at 285th skeleton encountered.
    • 5 effects starting at 300th skeleton encountered.
  • Names are procedurally-generated, like "Kneecracker Mott", "Frankie O'Clavicle", "Fingerbreaker", "Teethsnapper McRib".
  • Instant kills, like the holy bomb, batman or the Pair of Stomping Boots, do not work.
  • This monster cannot be copied.
  • Running away or CLEESHing a skeleton does not change its subtypes; adventuring again will result in the same skeleton until the skeleton is defeated. Being defeated does not change its subtypes either.