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Prismatic damage is a special case of elemental damage added to a weapon. An item (typically a weapon) will do prismatic elemental damage if it has an enchantment to add damage of all five elemental types. This designation does not extend to items that provide protection against all elements, only damage. "Chromatic" is sometimes used as well; a December 10, 2007 trivial update gave the grouping as "prismatic", hence its use here.

The update in question verified that prismatic items should pulverize into elemental things like wads, nuggets, and powder. Being of all elements, any is possible. However, pulverizing a prismatic item does not yield a prismatic wad.

Prismatic Bonus Damage

The table below lists everything in the game that grants prismatic damage as an enchantment, thus adding damage for all five of the standard elements to your attacks.

Source Source Type Damage Duration Cost Prereq Notes
rainbow pearl ring Accessory 40 Always   200 Mys All Attributes +15
Boschface Effect 25 25 turns

Item loss

Why So Serious? Effect 25 25 turns Item loss
17-ball Off-Hand Item 20 Always  
In a Lather Effect 20 25 turns
  • 500 Meat
  • 2 Drunk
Benetton's Medley of Diversity Effect 15 Variable 50 MP Lvl 15 Caster may only cast 10 times per day.
Hodgman's disgusting technicolor overcoat Shirt 15 Always   200 Mus Superhuman Resistance to All Elements (+5)
Rainbow Bright Effect 15 10 turns
  • Item loss
  • 3 Spleen
Lvl 7
Yuleviathan necklace Accessory 15 Always 40 Mys
  • Regenerate 20-30 MP per adventure
troutsers Pants 11 Always    
  • Moxie +50%
  • +50% Pickpocket Chance
  • Superhuman Resistance to All Elements (+5)
Belch the Rainbow™ Effect 11Up to 11 10 turns Item loss
  • Obtained from Piddles
  • Damage is equal to your level, capped at 11
Unfortunato's foolscap Hat 10 Always   20 Mox
  • Mysticality +10%
  • -2 MP to use Skills (in-combat only)
Great Wolf's left paw Off-Hand Item 10 Always   250 Mus
  • +10% Chance of Critical Hit
  • Never Fumble
  • (Bonus for Seal Clubbers only)
malevolent medallion Accessory 10 Always   150 Mys
  • Slime Hates It
  • Regenerate 10-30 MP per adventure
  • Limit of one may be equipped at a time
Wumpus-Hair Wardrobe Outfit 10 Always   35 Mox Effect is in addition to +2 from the wumpus-hair whip
White Dragon Fang Weapon (1H) 9 Always 200 Mus
  • All Attributes +9%
  • Regenerate 9 MP per adventure
scratch 'n' sniff sword/crossbow with scratch 'n' sniff dragon sticker Weapon (1H) 9Up to 9 20 combat adventures Item loss  
paint palette Off-Hand Item 8 Always 20 Mys Grants the Paint Job combat skill
8-billed baseball cap Hat 5 Always   85 Mox
  • Muscle +15%
  • Combat initiative +30%
Altered Wavelengths Effect 5 40 turns Item loss Obtained from papier-mochi
Colorful Gratitude Effect 5 15 turns Item loss Obtained from cigar box turtle
Corona de la Salsa Effect 5 10 turns Level 15 Obtained from a Mini-Sauceror while an Accordion Thief at level 15+
damage.enh Effect 5 25-100 turns Obtained from Source Terminal. Starts at 25, increases to 100 with installed chips.
Elemental Flavor Effect 5 10 turns
  • Item loss
  • 4 Spleen
Lvl 4
Elemental Mastery Effect 5 5-15 turns
  • Item loss
  • 2 Drunk
Obtained from Firewater, Earth and Firewater, and Earth, Wind and Firewater
Hand that Rocks the Ladle Weapon (1H) 5 Always    
  • +5 Smithsness
  • Mysticality +X%
  • (+% to Mysticality Based on Smithsness)
  • Eminently Twistable
  • (Bonus for Pastamancers only)
Kremlin's Greatest Briefcase Accessory 5 Always    
  • Enchantments vary depending on configuration
  • Also grants the KGB tranquilizer dart skill and varied other buffs/item drops
latte lovers member's mug Off-Hand Item 5 Always   Oil paint ingredient unlocked
Powder Power Effect 5 40 turns
  • Item loss
  • 1 Spleen
Lvl 4
Spoon Boon Effect 5 50 turns    
terra cotta tongs Weapon (1H) 5 Always   40 Mys
wrought-iron waders Pants 5 Always   40 Mox
club of the five seasons Weapon (1H) 5 Always   60 Mus  
rainbow crossbow Weapon (1H) 5 Always   60 Mox  
Super Crimboman Ultra Mega Hypersword Weapon (2H) 5 Always   35 Mus  
The Jokester's gun Weapon (1H) 5 Always   50 Mox
Stupid University Diploma Off-Hand Item 5 Always    
  • Maximum HP +3
  • Maximum MP +3
Fourth of May Cosplay Saber Weapon (1H) 4 Always    
pair of plants Pants 5 Always   15 Mox
porcelain plus-fours Pants 4 Always   40 Mox
antique nutcracker beard Accessory 3 Always   30 Mys
astral shirt Shirt 3 Always    
bejeweled cufflinks Accessory 3 Always   45 Mys
combat fan Weapon (1H) 3 Always   67 Mus  
immense cyborg hand Weapon (1H) 3 Always   60 Mus Melee Damage +5
plastic nunchaku Weapon (2H) 3 Always   10 Mus Combat Initiative +30%
obsidian dagger Weapon (1H) 3 Always   10 Mus  
Sword of Dark Omens Weapon (1H) 3 Always    
  • Spell Damage +50%
  • All Attributes +5%
tin drum Weapon (2H) 3 Always    
Your Favorite Flavor Effect 3 5 turns Item loss Obtained from mystery lollipop
tie-dyed fannypack Accessory 2 Always 10 Mys +10% Item Drops from Monsters
All Glory To the Toad Effect 2 10 turns Item loss Obtained from colorful toad
autocalliope Weapon (2H) 2 Always   50 Mox Bonus for Accordion Thieves only
Loathing Legion double prism Weapon (1H) 2 Always     Can be folded into numerous other items
painted shield Off-Hand Item (Shield) 2 Always   45 Mus
  • Damage reduction* 7
  • All Attributes +3
pirate radio ring Accessory 2 Always     Spell Damage +15%
Tasting the Rainbow Effect 2 5 turns Item loss Obtained from rainbow jellybean
tiny plastic fax machine Accessory 2 Always
wumpus-hair whip Weapon (1H) 2 Always  
First Post shirt - Cir Senam Shirt 1 Always  
  • +15 to Monster Level
  • +5 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.
  • +??% MMG Luck
yohohoyo Weapon (1H) 1 Always   65 Mox +5% chance of Critical Hit
tiny die-cast blade a-spinning Accessory 1 Always
tiny plastic Crimbomination Accessory 1 Always
tiny plastic K.R.A.M.P.U.S. Accessory 1 Always Weapon Damage +5
shamanic beads Accessory 1 Always 47 Mys
  • Spell damage +10
Frosty the Hitman Item 0-2 10 turns Item loss Obtained from disintegrating sheet music
Cinco Elementos Effect Variable 5 turns
  • Item loss
  • 3 Drunk
  • Obtained from Cinco Mayo Lager
  • Damage is equal to 5 times the number of remaining adventures of the effect, capped at 500 turns (or 2500 prismatic damage)
Ultracolor™ shirt Shirt Variable Always
  • Damage is the number of active effects you have, not counting intrinsic effects
  • Timers add to damage dealt but not displayed

Prismatic Combat Damage

The table below lists all abilities and items in the game that deal prismatic damage during combat (whether active or passive), with the damage noted being applied to all five of the standard elements.

Source Source Type Damage Duration Cost Prereq Notes
rainbow bomb Combat Item 20-30 Single use Item loss   Also does 20-30 physical damage.
death blossom Combat Item 20-25 Single use Item loss  
painted turtle Combat Item 10-20 Single use Item loss   Can also be used to make a painted shield
over-the-shoulder Folder Holder with a folder (rainbow unicorn) Accessory 10-20 Always    
  • The damage is dealt upon being attacked by an enemy
  • The Folder Holder can contain up to three folders. Folders are destroyed when replaced.
chipotle wasabi cilantro aioli Combat Item 8-10 Single use Item loss   Additionally deals 30-40 physical damage
Paint Job Skill 8 Single instance per cast   paint palette is equipped

Usable once per fight

paint bomb Combat Item 5-10 Single use Item loss   Additionally deals 5-10 prismatic damage every round
Rainbow Skill 6-7 Single instance per cast 3 drops of Rain Must be in Heavy Rains
groovy prism necklace Accessory 5 Always   60 Mys
  • Only does damage when player is hit by the monster
  • Limit of one may be equipped at a time
Crown of Thrones or Buddy Bjorn with Frumious Bandersnatch enthroned Hat / Back 2-4 33% chance each round    
warbear laser beacon Accessory Variable Always   Disco Bandit
  • Deals 3 x (1 + Disco Momentum) Prismatic Damage to monsters each round
  • Limit of one may be equipped at a time
Flash Headlight Skill Variable Single instance per cast 15 MP Must be AoSP & Have Party Bulb upgrade
  • Deals 0.2*(Buffed Moxie) Prismatic Damage per cast
  • Also staggers the target
  • Usable once per fight
Paraffin Prism Skill Variable Single instance per cast at least one Paraffinalia item is equipped
  • Deals X prismatic damage, where X scales to the number of Paraffinalia items equipped
  • Usable once per fight
Sing Along Skill Variable Single instance per cast   SongBoom™ BoomBox set to These Fists Were Made for Punchin
  • Deals (Level) Prismatic Damage
  • Passively grants +1 Weapon Damage per Level
  • Usable once per fight
Storm of the Scarab Skill Variable Single instance per cast 8 MP Must be Actually Ed
  • Deals 0.1*(Buffed Mysticality) Prismatic Damage per cast
  • Bonus Spell Damage is applied to each element separately
d8 Combat Item Variable Single use Item loss   Damage is based on d8 rolls, with the number of dice being (<level>+1)/3, rounded up. Each element is rolled separately.
Mu Familiar Variable Variable    
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