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print screen button
print screen button

Well, this is self-explanatory. It's a button you push, and it prints your... er, your screen?

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

Copies a Monster

(In-game plural: print screen buttons)
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Item number: 9022
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Obtained From

Internet Meme Shop (111 BACON)

When Used

  • Success:
You copy that floppy. I mean, monster.
Screencapmonster.gifYou acquire an item: screencapped monster
  • Failure: already possess a screencapped monster or monster is uncopyable:
You start to push the button, but the monster shouts "ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL"

You push the button, but nothing happens. Is this even connected to anything?
You push the button, but nothing happens except a little light blinks that says "PC LOAD LETTER"
You push the button (Frank), but nothing happens.


  • Will not copy another monster if you have a screencapped monster already.


  • As mentioned in the item's description, this is fairly self-explanatory.
  • Don't Copy That Floppy was an early anti-piracy campaign.
  • On MST3K, Dr. Forrester would always tell TV's Frank to "push the button," ending the episode.
  • Much to the frustration of all, the photocopier in Office Space never worked and only gave PC LOAD LETTER errors.
  • Original Character Do Not Steal is a disclaimer that was used by some online artists to "defend" their "original" characters (and by original they mean highly derivative if not an outright recolor). Some artists started using it as part of parody and mockery of that first group, causing it to catch on as a meme

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