Primordial Fear

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You remember finding your way to a higher, warmer, oranger part of the Primordial Soup. You were hungry for adventure. And for food.

Every time you tried to swim upward, you ran into a virus named Cyrus. That guy was a real jerk.

You remember inadvertently making him *adjectives*.


  • Adventure in The Primordial Soup three times to get past the introduction.
  • Adventure once more and get the first choice adventure. Swim downward and collect your first memory of some delicious amino acids (If you already have an amino acid, you can skip this).
  • Use the memory of some delicious amino acids.
  • Adventure once more and get the choice adventure again. This time, Swim upward. Now you are in the zone for real.
  • Collect memories of As, Gs, Cs and Ts and combine them to create some combat items. You will need three unique combat items. You will also need 11 more amino acids.
    • The fastest way to collect all these items is to use clovers (about 3 should suffice); or you could fight for them.
  • Now you must face Cyrus the Virus a total of 4 times. Consuming 3 memories of some delicious amino acids makes the Soupercharged adventure appear; choose I swam up! Up! Up! to face Cyrus.
    • The first time, remember, you've already consumed one amino acid, so you only need 2 more.
  • When you fight Cyrus the Virus, use one of the combat items on him immediately. You'll be beaten up, but that's OK. You will need to do this three times, using a different combat item each time and using 3 more memories of some delicious amino acids items after each fight to re-gain access to the Soupercharged adventure.
  • The fourth time you fight him, Cyrus will immediately beat you up (you won't get a chance to act). Now you're done -- Cyrus has mutated into a supervirus and infected the world. Heal yourself and move on to the next zone.


  • Upon finishing the quest

You swam up into the yellowness, and sure enough, there was Cyrus.

"Hey jerkass," he said, his everpresent scowl still on his face. "I was waiting for you to come back, so I could thank you. You've fixed me all up, and now I can leave this dump behind and move on to bigger and better things. Look out, world, 'cause here comes Cyrus!"

He turned away to leave, but abruptly turned back.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Here y'go." he said, as he smacked you in the face with his tail and swam upward, out of sight.

Infuriated, you sank back down into the orangeness.

HPYou lose X hit points.


  • There is no reward for finishing the quest, except making the Hyboria quest available in Memories of the Distant Past.
  • You receive a note in the "Completed Quests" portion of your Quest Log stating "You remember creating an unstoppable supervirus. Congratulations!"