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  • Attack damage formula
  • evocation spell bonus


The Priest is one of Ed's servants.


  • Level 1, Attacks undead enemies
  • Level 7, Improves evocation spells
  • Level 14, Improves Ka drops
  • Level 21, gives the skill: Edserv6.gif Gift of the Priest

Combat Messages

  • Attacking undead enemies:
    <name> splashes your opponent with a Big Gulp's worth of holy water, causing X damage.
    "Begone, foul undead creature!" <name> shouts without a trace of irony, clubbing your opponent with his holy staff for X damage.
    <name> says a brief prayer and clonks your opponent on the head with his holy staff, causing X damage.
  • Failing to attack undead enemies:
    <name> mutters some prayers of protection against undead -- which aren't too effective, because, well, you know.
    Full of righteous indignation, <name> excommunicates your opponent, who frankly doesn't really seem to care.
    <name> seems shocked to see undead who are so indecent as to wander around without any bandages on.
  • Improving evocation spells:
    <name> waves around a censer of mystical incense.
    <name> offers a little prayer of thanks to the gods, for aiding your spell.
    <name> chants some stuff that you don't really understand, but presumably the gods do.
  • After Combat, increasing Ka drops:
    <name> offers a prayer of supplication to the jackal-headed god of death.
    <name> wishes your opponent's soul good luck on their trip to the underworld.
    <name> says a brief (and not even sarcastic) prayer for your opponent's soul.
  • After Combat, gaining a level:
    <name> raises his eyes to the heavens and thanks the gods for his new experience level.
  • After Combat, gaining an ability:
    From the extra zeal in his voice, it sounds like he's gained a new ability as well.
  • After Combat once at level 21:
    You acquire a skill: Edserv6.gif Gift of the Priest


  • Ka coin drops are always increased by one, but only for monsters that drop Ka at the end of the fight. In particular, this does not boost the Ka drops from undead monsters while wearing the Crown of Ed the Undying.