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pretty bouquet
pretty bouquet

This is a bouquet of pretty flowers from the campground. Apparently, the appropriate answer is not "soldiers," "graveyards," or "young girls," but "your campground." When will they ever learn?

Type: off-hand item
Selling Price: 2 Meat.

Moxie +3

(In-game plural: pretty bouquets)
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Item number: 78
Description ID: 547934955
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Wad.gif pretty flower pretty flower
Equals.gif pretty bouquet


  • Before (and for a little bit after) the PvP revamp, this item created pretty bouquets at your Campground. Each bouquet used would add one to your campsite total, up to a maximum of nine. Pretty bouquets reduced the Moxie of players who attack you in the original version of PvP.

Old use messages

  • With 8 or fewer pretty bouquets already at your campsite:
You plant the pretty bouquet at your campsite.
  • With 9 pretty bouquets already at your campsite:
Your campsite already has as many pretty bouquets as will fit in it.


  • The description of this item plays with answers to "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" which was adapted by Joe Hickerson from a Russian folk song and made famous by Pete Seeger and other early 60s folk singers. Lyrics to the song include "When will they ever learn?" / "Where have all the young girls gone?" / "Where have all the soldiers gone?" / "Where have all the graveyards gone?"


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