Pr0n legs

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pr0n legs
pr0n legs

These are the legs of a pr0n. They look seductively delicious, but they need a little somethin' somethin'.

(Cooking ingredient)
Selling Price: 52 Meat.

(In-game plural: sets of pr0n legs)
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Item number: 537
Description ID: 642200980
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Obtained From

The Heap
I Refuse!
The Valley Beyond The Orc Chasm
XXX pr0n



  • Pr0n is internet slang for porn, being both a transposition of the two letters "r" and "o", and a substitution of a zero for the "o". In the description, "seductively delicious" alludes to the same basic subject. Further, "a little somethin' something", while a generic phrase which could mean anything from an illicit substance or alcoholic beverage to a simple cooking spice, might infer the same. Doubly, pr0n could be pronounced as prawn, a term which is somewhat loosely used to describe various "prawns", shrimp and crayfish, many of which are fished for food.


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