Potted tea tree

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potted tea tree
potted tea tree

If you can't get a teapot in a tree, this is the next best thing -- a tea tree in a pot.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

1) Plant it in your campsite
2) Get tea every day

(In-game plural: potted tea trees)
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Item number: 8600
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Obtained From

KoL Con 13 Merch Table (4 Mr. Accessories)
Available for purchase at KoL Con. (since KoL Con XII)

When Used

You plant the tea tree at your campsite, in the place where that pagoda used to be.

If you already have one:

You've already got a tea tree in your campsite.


Accessing the tree from your campground takes you to Tree Tea. Once daily, you can shake the tree for three random cups, or pick one cuppa tea of your choice.

Tea Effect
cuppa Activi teaTea adv.gif
cuppa Activi tea
Spleen item (decent)
~4 Adventures
2 Toxicity
cuppa Alacri teaTea init.gif
cuppa Alacri tea
Tea init.gif Alacri Tea (30 Adventures)
+50% Combat Initiative
cuppa Boo teaTea spooky.gif
cuppa Boo tea
Tea spooky.gif Boo Tea (30 Adventures)
+30 Spooky Damage
cuppa Chari teaTea meat.gif
cuppa Chari tea
Tea meat.gif Chari Tea (30 Adventures)
+50% Meat from Monsters
cuppa Craft teaTea crafty.gif
cuppa Craft tea
Tea crafty.gif Craft Tea (30 Adventures)
Lets you craft things more quickly
cuppa Cruel teaTea pvp.gif
cuppa Cruel tea
Spleen item (crappy)
+5 PvP Fights
4 Toxicity
cuppa Dexteri teaTea mox.gif
cuppa Dexteri tea
Tea mox.gif Dexteri Tea (30 Adventures)
Moxie +50
cuppa Feroci teaTea str.gif
cuppa Feroci tea
Tea str.gif Feroci Tea (30 Adventures)
Muscle +50
cuppa Flamibili teaTea hot.gif
cuppa Flamibili tea
Tea hot.gif Flamibili Tea (30 Adventures)
+30 Hot Damage
cuppa Flexibili teaTea moxstats.gif
cuppa Flexibili tea
Tea moxstats.gif Flexibili Tea (30 Adventures)
+3 Moxie Stats Per Fight
cuppa Frost teaTea hotp.gif
cuppa Frost tea
Tea hotp.gif Frost Tea (30 Adventures)
Serious Hot Resistance (+3)
cuppa Gill teaTea fishy.gif
cuppa Gill tea
Fish.gif Fishy (30 Adventures)
-1 Adventure cost underwater
cuppa Impregnabili teaTea da.gif
cuppa Impregnabili tea
Tea da.gif Impregnabili Tea (30 Adventures)
Damage Reduction: 30
cuppa Improprie teaTea sleaze.gif
cuppa Improprie tea
Tea sleaze.gif Improprie Tea (30 Adventures)
+30 Sleaze Damage
cuppa Insani teaTea crazy.gif
cuppa Insani tea
Tea crazy.gif Insani Tea (30 Adventures)
+3 Random Monster Modifiers
cuppa Irritabili teaTea minusnc.gif
cuppa Irritabili tea
Tea minusnc.gif Irritabili Tea (30 Adventures)
Monsters will be more attracted to you
cuppa Loyal teaTea famweight.gif
cuppa Loyal tea
Tea famweight.gif Loyal Tea (30 Adventures)
+5 to Familiar Weight
cuppa Mana teaTea mp.gif
cuppa Mana tea
Tea mp.gif Mana Tea (30 Adventures)
Maximum MP +30
Regenerate 3-5 MP per Adventure
cuppa Mediocri teaTea plusml.gif
cuppa Mediocri tea
Tea plusml.gif Mediocri Tea (30 Adventures)
+30 to Monster Level
cuppa Monstrosi teaTea minusml.gif
cuppa Monstrosi tea
Tea minusml.gif Monstrosi Tea (30 Adventures)
-30 to Monster Level
cuppa Morbidi teaTea spookyp.gif
cuppa Morbidi tea
Tea spookyp.gif Morbidi Tea (30 Adventures)
Serious Spooky Resistance (+3)
cuppa Nas teaTea stench.gif
cuppa Nas tea
Tea stench.gif Nas Tea (30 Adventures)
+30 Stench Damage
cuppa Net teaTea stenchp.gif
cuppa Net tea
Tea stenchp.gif Net Tea (30 Adventures)
Serious Stench Resistance (+3)
cuppa Neuroplastici teaTea magstats.gif
cuppa Neuroplastici tea
Tea magstats.gif Neuroplastici Tea (30 Adventures)
+3 Mysticality Stats Per Fight
cuppa Obscuri teaTea plusnc.gif
cuppa Obscuri tea
Tea plusnc.gif Obscuri Tea (30 Adventures)
Monsters will be less attracted to you
cuppa Physicali teaTea strstats.gif
cuppa Physicali tea
Tea strstats.gif Physicali Tea (30 Adventures)
+3 Muscle Stats Per Fight
cuppa Proprie teaTea sleazep.gif
cuppa Proprie tea
Tea sleazep.gif Proprie Tea (30 Adventures)
Serious Sleaze Resistance (+3)
cuppa Royal teaTea royal.gif
cuppa Royal tea
+1 Royalty
cuppa Serendipi TeaTea items.gif
cuppa Serendipi Tea
Tea items.gif Serendipi Tea (30 Adventures)
+25% Item Drops from Monsters
cuppa Sobrie teaTea booze.gif
cuppa Sobrie tea
Reduces your Drunkenness by 1
(once per day)
cuppa Toast teaTea coldp.gif
cuppa Toast tea
Tea coldp.gif Toast Tea (30 Adventures)
Serious Cold Resistance (+3)
cuppa Twen teaTea twenty.gif
cuppa Twen tea
Tea twenty.gif Twen Tea (30 Adventures)
Muscle +20
Mysticality +20
Moxie +20
Maximum HP +20
Maximum MP +20
+20% Combat Initiative
Weapon Damage +20
Spell Damage +20
Ranged Damage +20
Familiar Damage +20
cuppa Uncertain teaTea random.gif
cuppa Uncertain tea
Random effect (30 Adventures)
cuppa Vitali teaTea hp.gif
cuppa Vitali tea
Tea hp.gif Vitali Tea (30 Adventures)
Maximum HP +30
Regenerate 3-5 HP per Adventure
Cuppa Voraci teaTea stomach.gif
Cuppa Voraci tea
Increase your stomach capacity by 1
(once per day)
cuppa Wit teaTea mag.gif
cuppa Wit tea
Tea mag.gif Wit Tea (30 Adventures)
Mysticality +50
cuppa Yet teaTea cold.gif
cuppa Yet tea
Tea cold.gif Yet tea (30 Adventures)
+30 Cold Damage


  • The description on the item card from Con:
    Allows you to harvest cups of tea every day at teatime. Or whatever time, really.
  • Unlike what the use message suggests, the potted tea tree does not replace the pagoda. The pagoda has been moved to a new location in your campground.
  • During con, the pagoda needed to be rebuilt for it to appear in its new position.


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