Potion of the field gar

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potion of the field gar
potion of the field gar

This potion is made from the squeezings (best not to inquire further) of the mythical field gar. Field gar are recognizable in the wild by their sluggish, obese, orange bodies, and their ravenous appetite for lasagna (a strange evolutionary quirk, since lasagna doesn't naturally occur in their habitat).

Biologists who have intensely studied the field gar claim they can hear the gar speaking to them telepathically, but that's probably flashbacks from their wild toad-licking days.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 30 Meat.
Effect: Gar-ish (10 Adventures)You love lasagna as much as you hate Mondays

(In-game plural: potions of the field gar)
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Obtained From

Summon Clip Art (wine, kitten, kitten)

When Used

You drink the potion of the field gar. I'd be lying if I said it tasted gar-eat.
Lasagna.gifYou acquire an effect: Gar-ish
(duration: 10 Adventures)



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