Pot Jacked

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Pot Jacked
Pot Jacked

You stalk (float? Fly?) through the hole in the sky, wondering what new indignities await you. A Choking Chicken? A Boxing Clown? A monkey with a paddle?

Fortunately, the next constellation to get all up in your grill is something you've probably seen before -- it's the pot-with-a-stick that the astronomers chose to call The Honey Pot.

It swoops through the air toward you, then upends itself and pours itself out all over you before soaring away to wherever it is such things go.

Huh. Looks like this wasn't a Honey Pot after all -- it was a Bacon Grease Pot. You shudder to think for what that might be a euphemism.

Bacon.gifYou acquire an effect: Greased
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at The Hole in the Sky (Bad Moon only).


  • Only occurs after making Richard's star key.
  • "Choking the chicken" and "spanking the monkey" are euphemisms for masturbation.