Portable photocopier

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portable photocopier
portable photocopier

It's amazing what they've done with totally antiquated, almost entirely obsolete technology. With this little handheld number, you can make a wasteful paper copy of almost any document you've wastefully printed on a different sheet of paper. Well, that's its intended use, at least. You've never been one to let The Man tell you what to do, though, have you?

Type: combat / usable item
Cannot be discarded

Makes a photocopy of an enemy

(In-game plural: portable photocopiers)
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Item number: 4864
Description ID: 161569523
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Obtained From

deluxe fax machine (10)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
CRIMBCO Gift Shop (200 CRIMBCO scrip)

When Used

You look around to see if anybody's watching, and when they're not, you drop your pants and giggle as you make a photocopy of your ass.

When you go to get up, you shatter the glass of the photocopier. Dammit.

Photocopy.gifYou acquire an item: photocopied monster
You don't want your desk to get all messy -- you probably shouldn't copy anything else until you've dealt with this copy you've already got.
You open the lid of the photocopier, press it against your opponent, and press the COPY button. He is enraged, and smashes the copier to pieces, but not before it produces a sheet of paper.
Photocopy.gifYou acquire an item: photocopied monster
You've already got a photocopied monster. To avoid clutter, you shouldn't photocopy another one.
  • Against a monster that can't be copied:

This monster is too special -- a photocopy just wouldn't do it justice.


  • Allows you to copy a monster.
  • Using from inventory will make a photocopy of your butt.

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