Pooltergeist (Ultra-Rare)

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Monster ID 425
Locations The Haunted Billiards Room (ultra-rarely)
Hit Points 50
Attack 55
Defense 48
Initiative always
Meat None
Phylum undead
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts balls
refreshedit data
pooltergeist You're fighting a pooltergeist

Hit Message(s):

It hits you on either side of your head with a pair of 4-balls. If only it had yelled "Fore!" first to give you some warning. Ouch! Ugh! Eek!

It hits you in the <solar plexus> with a 1-ball. Ouch! Eek! Ooh!

It performs an elaborate internal bankshot, and a 6-ball rockets at you. It's too bad you didn't have a pocket in your <calf> -- that wouldn't have hurt nearly as much. Ouch! Ouch! Oof!

Critical Hit Message:

It slides two balls under each of your feet, which cause you to slip and fall down. Then it hits you in the <head> with a 1-ball, the <ear> with a 3-ball, the <knee> with a 5-ball, and the <eye> with a 7-ball. What an odd combination. Ooh! Ow! Ow!

Miss Message(s):

It slings three balls at you, but you quickly catch them, juggle them for a while, and throw them back.

It hurls a 1-ball at you, but the ball is too yellow to get near enough to hurt you.

It slings a 6-ball at you, but you duck behind the pool table and it ricochets harmlessly off of the rail.

Fumble Message:

The pooltergeist floats toward you, but accidentally collides with a rack of pool cues. Hilarity ensues. For you, not for the pooltergeist. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

17ball.gifYou acquire an item: 17-ball (100% chance)*
You gain ? <substat>.

If you lose the fight:

You are knocked to the ground. As the monster walks off, he drops a white ribbon.
Ribbon.gifYou acquire an item: consolation ribbon (100% chance)*

Occurs at The Haunted Billiards Room, ultra-rarely.


  • This monster cannot be copied.
  • There exists a normal pooltergeist, found much more frequently than this one.