Polka Pop

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Polka Pop
Polka Pop

This is a lollipop with a tiny accordion attached to the bottom. You can put the lollipop in your mouth, and squeeze the accordion, and it'll play polka directly into the bones of your head.

Hey, I'm not saying it's something you want to do, just something you can do.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 10 Meat.
Effect: Polka Face (10 Adventures)+5*X% Item Drops from Monsters
+5*X% Meat from Monsters

(In-game plural: Polka Pops)
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Item number: 4342
Description ID: 166578470
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Obtained From

Stocking Mimic (occasionally with bag of many confections equipped)
papier-mache trophy pinata

When Used

You eat the Polka Pop, squeezing the squeezebox at the bottom until your brain vibrates with polka power, and your eyelids twitch.
Accordion.gifYou acquire an effect: Polka Face
(duration: 10 Adventures)


  • A lollipop that "plays music directly into the bones of your head" does exist: the 1998 Sound Bites lollipop, which sends sound waves from the handle through the candy and your teeth to directly stimulate the inner ear. It is unlikely that any were released with polka tunes, however.


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