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The Policies of Loathing are set of rules drafted in order to keep the Kingdom a peaceful and fun place to play. The following is copied directly from the Kingdom of Loathing page found here.

The Kingdom of Loathing is not a place that would ever be accused of taking itself too seriously. Nevertheless, there comes a time in the lifespan of every community that doesn't actively discriminate against 12-year-olds at which some rules must be established. 99.9% of you will never butt heads with any of these rules, but you will almost assuredly butt heads with the .1% who will. And so, Mr. Non-Jackass Kingdom of Loathing Player, these policies are for you.

Please note that the punishments described in these rules are subject to change without notice. If you break one of these rules in an especially egregious way, we reserve the right to take whatever actions against your characters that we see fit.

Here are the rules:

1. Don't act like a jackass in the chat.

This may seem like a rule that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. That's because this is a rule that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. One man's lampshade-on-the-head antics are another man's high-brow entertainment. Some things, however, are situated FIRMLY in the category of jackassery:

1. Posting line after line of random characters.
2. Begging for Meat and items.
3. Spamming the chat with advertisements for a store or clan.
4. Trying to cyber with random strangers.
5. Trying to cyber with anybody, for that matter.
6. Posting spoilers for in-game quests and puzzles.
7. Posting links to pornographic material.
8. Posting links to stupid web games that reward you for tricking people into clicking your link.
9. Posting links to pages that open up 300 browser windows with annoying Flash animations in them.
10. And so on.
11. And so forth. It's ridiculous. It's not even funny.

You either get the picture, or you don't, and if you don't, odds are you don't care whether or not you act like a jackass.

If a moderator feels that you are violating this Policy, he/she (all of our moderators are hermaphrodites) will ask you to stop. If you don't, or if you give the mod a bunch of crap about it (or about being a hermaphrodite,) you will be temporarily banned from the chat. If you're being especially irritating, you will be banned without being warned.

Aggravated violation of this rule will result in a fine (Meat and/or items) being levied against your character in the amount of "however much we feel like taking, you jackass." You may or may not also have your chat privileges suspended for however long we feel like suspending them. Repeated aggravated violation will result in the deactivation of your account.

If, after being banned, (or /ignored by some player you're bothering,) you come back in with a different account and keep acting like a jackass, it will be considered multi abuse, and dealt with in accordance with Rule #4.

2. Don't scam people.

Yes, it's possible to trick people into giving you stuff. Yes, it's even possible to trick people into giving you their password, to log on to their account, and to send all of their stuff to your character. It's also possible to write scripts that use remote form submission to make people do things they don't want to do.

In the real world, it's possible to randomly punch strangers in the stomach. What stops us from doing this? The fact that we're not assholes, that's what.

Provable violation of this rule will result in the immediate deactivation of your account and any of your multis we come across.

Impersonating an admin or an employee of Asymmetric Publications in an effort to scam/intimidate people or harvest their passwords will be dealt with aggressively.

2b. Don't buy or sell game stuff outside of the game.

Don't buy and sell Meat for real-world money. Don't trade your mom's car for a billion meat. Don't give somebody a thousand bowls of in-game cottage cheese to wash your mom's car. Just leave your mom's car out of it. That car did nothing to deserve this.

If any transaction requires you to go outside of the game's trading systems, we have no way of tracking or verifying it. This means that if you get ripped off (which you will) we won't be able to help you.

3. Don't bother people.

Do not send message after message to somebody in an effort to annoy them. Do not send messages like "Give me 10,000 Meat or I will come to your house and beat you up." Do not send messages with no other content than "ur gay." Do not send messages like "hay sexxy wanna cyber a/s/l?"

Violation of this rule will result in your being prohibited from using the chat and the message system for a while. Or maybe forever.

3b. Don't advertise.

Don't post links to your ebay auctions, or your "sign 50 people up and get a free iPod," or your XXX porn site. That doesn't mean you can't link your (non-pr0n) photobucket or your myspace or any other personal page. The test is this: if you're making money or meat from people clicking on your link, it shouldn't be publically displayed anywhere.

4. Don't abuse multiple accounts.

This is a tricky one. It's not against the rules to have more than one character per household, or per computer, or even per person. What is against the rules, however, is to have a bunch of extra characters that act as item or Meat farmers for your main character.

Here's a yardstick: If your main character is advancing at a rate faster than would be possible without multis, then you're more than likely in violation of this rule.

If you're abusing multis, and your behavior is noticed, all accounts other than what appears to be your primary will be disabled. If you make a bunch more multis and start doing it again, or if the first abuse we notice is really annoying or egregious, your primary account will be disabled.

5. Don't make a character with a racially offensive or obviously derivative name.

Making a character with a name that contains a racial epithet will result in that character being disabled. I dislike censorship, but I hate getting mail from people pissed off about your stupid multi with a racist name. We've all got a sense of humor here, but have some respect.

Making a character with a name specifically chosen to mimic another player's name (especially a moderator or well-known player) will also result in that character being disabled.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is available for your doubtlessly enraptured perusal at http://privacy.asymmetric.net/.