Pointy mushroom wine

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pointy mushroom wine
pointy mushroom wine

This is a bottle of wine made by fermenting a pointy mushroom. Compared to it, other wines look positively pointless. Speaking of pointless, how do you like this item description so far?

Type: booze (awesome)
Potency: 3
Level required: 6
Selling Price: 30 Meat.

(In-game plural: bottles of pointy mushroom wine)
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Item number: 1142
Description ID: 243958971
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Shaker.gif pointy mushroom mushroom fermenting solution
Equals.gif pointy mushroom wine

When Consumed

You drink the pointy mushroom wine. It has a sharp aftertaste. And a sharp foretaste.
AdventuresYou gain 10-14 Adventures.
You gain 8-10 Roguishness.
You gain 3 Drunkenness.


Slash.gif cool mushroom wine | flat mushroom wine | pointy mushroom wine


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