Playing Fetch*

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Range of Meat gain

Playing Fetch*
Playing Fetch*

"Wooooof!" Your hallowiener dog trots -- er, glides -- up to you with a tennis ball in his mouth. Where does he keep finding these?

He drops the ball at your feet and yips excitedly at you.

* It's a kind of ghost.

Throw it down the road  Get a tennis ball!

You bounce the tennis ball down the street (let's just assume you're on the street), careful to keep it on the sidewalk (though it's not like that matters really, considering). <Petname> chases after it and brings it back to you, then trots away to investigate the ghost of a fire hydrant he noticed on the way.

Tennisball.gifYou acquire an item: tennis ball

Throw it into the nearby grass  Get an initiative boost!

You toss the cold, moist tennis ball into a nearby field, and <Petname> chases after it and brings it back. He's a pretty quick little fellow, even when he doesn't teleport directly to the ball, and a few minutes of constant throwing really limbers up your arms.

Tennisball.gifYou acquire an effect: Tennis Elbow-wow
(duration: 30 Adventures)

Throw it into the distant bushes  Get some Meat!

You throw the tennis ball hard, off into the distant bushes. <Petname> dashes after it, yipping excitedly, and eventually returns... dragging a... is that a leg?

Okay well... waste not want not, I guess?

Meat.gifYou gain ?-497-1,000-? Meat.

Occurs at various locations, if you have a ghost dog.