Play a Drum Solo

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Play a Drum Solo

Play a Drum Solo

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 10

Source: Elvish sunglasses
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Stuns opponent for 2 rounds
When Used:

You get deep in touch with your tribal memories and play a ridiculously long drum solo, chanting along under your breath. The effect is stupefying. Well, it's at least really, really boring.
You pound out an epic drum solo, and by 'epic' I mean 'way longer than a solo should be played on an instrument that can only play one note.'
You play a drum solo. Then you keep playing it. Then, after everyone's sure you've fully explored the limits of artistic expression with the limited palette of a drum, you continue to play.

You play a truly endless drum solo. It sounds like someone has a skipping record of "Little Drummer Boy."


  • Only one solo can be played per fight.
  • You must have a percussion instrument (drums, bone rattle or finger cymbals) equipped to use this skill. You may have a drum equipped in either your main hand or off-hand. A Disembodied Hand with a one-handed drum or rattle will not allow the skill to be used.
  • While in effect, each round of combat (including the first) will display one of these messages:
<It> doesn't want to interrupt your drum solo, so doesn't attack this round.
<It> shakes <its> head, still rattled by your drum solo.
<It> snores gently, lulled to sleep by your endless drum solo.
<It> is still air-drumming along with your drum solo.
  • The last round of combat the stun is active will display the message:
Your opponent comes to <its> senses.

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