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What is X?

pixie axie
pixie axie

This is a delicate little pickaxe made of sugar. If you want to sink a shaft in the Little Rock Candy Mountain, this is your guy right here.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

Helps witches find more candy

(In-game plural: pixie axies)
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Item number: 7102
Description ID: 782213297
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Obtained From

Gumdrop Forest
tricksy pixie

When Used

First Use in an instance:

You find a rich vein of candy on the shore of Sweet-Ade Lake and mine it.
Candypile.gif +?-801-934-? Candy

Subsequent Uses: You've already mined that rich vein of candy


  • The amount of candy you get does not depend on candy drop modifiers.


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