Pixel power cell

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pixel power cell
pixel power cell

This little blue pixel contraption thrums with power -- there must be a lot of powerful retro energy stored in it.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: pixel power cells)
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Item number: 6155
Description ID: 360514198
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Obtained From

Anger Man's Level
frustrating knight
rage flame
ticking time bomb
Doubt Man's Level
judgmental eye
reproachful heart
work hat
Fear Man's Level
animated possessions
morbid skull
natural spider
Regret Man's Level
ancient ghost
contemplative ghost
lovesick ghost

When Used

You break open the power cell. You manage to absorb some of the energy stored inside it as it escapes, but most of it is wasted. This must not be the right way to use one of these things.
MPYou gain 20-30 Mana Points.



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