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damage range vs. Vanya's creature?

pixel cross
pixel cross

This is a pixellated cross, named after the way your enemies will feel when you throw it at them and it hits them twice.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 35 Meat.

Deals 80-100 Physical Damage
(does it again the next round)

(In-game plural: pixel crosss)
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Item number: 4594
Description ID: 493000605
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Obtained From

Vanya's Castle Chapel

When Used

  • Against normal monsters:
You hurl the cross at your opponent. Errant pixels fly as it hits it for X damage.
next round
The last cross you threw reverses direction in midair and hits your opponent for an additional X damage. You dirty double-crosser, you!
  • Trying to use one while another is still "active"
There's already a pixel cross flying around here -- you wouldn't want to get your wires crossed about which one is which.
You hurl the cross at the Creature, and hit him right in the face! He lets out a blood-curdling howl as he suffers X damage.
next round
The last cross you threw reverses direction in midair and hits the Creature in the back of the head, dealing an additional X damage.


  • Like many of the other items dropped from the Castle Chapel, this is based off a Castlevania sub-weapon of the same name.


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