Pirate fork

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pirate fork
pirate fork

This fork lets you pirate food from somebody else's plate.

Type: food (???)
Size: 4
Cannot be traded or discarded
Only one may be consumed per day

Usable once each day to steal some food!

(In-game plural: pirate forks)
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Item number: 10227
Description ID: 477726449
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Obtained From

PirateRealm Fun-a-Log (2,000 FunPoints)

When Used

Pr fork.gif
You reach over and grab some <food> off of a random passerby's plate. Yum!
AdventuresYou gain X Adventures.
You gain some Muscleboundness.
You gain some Mysteriousness.
You gain some Smarm.
(You gain 4 Fullness.)


  • Only one pirate fork can be used per day. The item is not consumed on use.
  • When used, consumes a random 4-fullness food. The image for that food appears in the use message. Adventures, stats, and effects are gained as normal.
  • Level restrictions apply to the food chosen. If you are not high enough level to eat the random food, the fork will not be used.


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