Pink Thursday

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August 2nd, 2007

Pink Thursday (also known as the 'Day of Free Love') is remembered as the single largest proliferation of big item counts in KoL history. On Valentine's Day XII, valentines were made available for 0 meat in the Gift Shop. The ability to purchase over 2 billion valentines at once (though only receiving a maximum of 16,777,215) was quickly trumpeted as a massive bug, although there was no way to profit from it and acquire bugmeat due to valentines not having an autosell price.

At approximately 18:30 GMT, the price of valentines was reverted to 100 meat, ending the bug but still leaving hundreds of billions of valentines in players' inventories, display cases, closets, clan stashes and mall stores. At approximately 23:30 GMT, Xenophobe began to nuke the valentines in the Kingdom, and within a half-hour they had all been destroyed. Valentines in display cases before Pink Thursday were restored.

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