Pile of gold coins

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pile of gold coins
pile of gold coins

This is a little stack of gold coins, each with an engraving of a flat-headed man on the front and the cryptic legend "1z" on the back. It being made of worthless gold, you can't trade it for normal goods or services, but maybe you could sell it to an antiques collector or something.

Selling Price: 300 Meat.

(In-game plural: piles of gold coins)
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Item number: 3728
Description ID: 651187529
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Obtained From

The Dungeons of Doom
Quantum Mechanic (pickpocket only)


  • These coins are clearly zorkmids, depicting one of the Flathead dynasty from the Zork series.
  • The item picture depicts the common symbol for gold in a Roguelike such as NetHack, which also refers to its gold coins as zorkmids.


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