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Type: Combat
MP Cost: 0

When getting the jump on a monster due to Combat Initiative, Moxie class characters (including the Avatar of Sneaky Pete) have the option to try to steal an item. Picking pockets can only be attempted during the first round of combat. Note that Sneaky Pete cannot do this and Mug for the Audience at the same time. Note that if two combats occur on the same turn, such as when using a tangle of rat tails, you cannot pickpocket twice even if you get the jump both times- though it is possible for Pete to pickpocket the first and mug the second.

The effects Form of...Bird! as well as Riboflavin', or the tiny black hole or mime army infiltration glove items can grant pickpocket ability to characters of other classes. There are several other items that perform pickpocket-like actions. (See Methods section below.)

Attempts to steal an item from the monster.

Source: Starting skill for moxie classes, having the Form of...Bird! status effect, having the Riboflavin' status effect, having a tiny black hole equipped or having a mime army infiltration glove equipped
Price: N/A
Class: Disco Bandit, Accordion Thief, Avatar of Sneaky Pete, and Gelatinous Noob
Level: N/A
When Used:
  • Normal pickpocket success:
You deftly slip your fingers into your opponent's pocket and grab something.
  • Normal pickpocket failure:
You fish around in your opponent's pocket, but you don't find anything.
  • Attempting to steal something while conditions for pickpocketing aren't satisfied:
You can't steal anything right now.
You manage to wrest a shiny object from your opponent's grasp.
  • Failure under Form of...Bird!:
You're unable to find any shiny objects. How sad!
Your savage beatdown seems to have knocked loose some treasure. Sweet!
Your savage beatdown fails to knock loose any treasure. Lame!
You remember that you can jab things with your marinspike, maybe you should try again.

The Logic of Pickpocketing

  • If the monster has a pickpocket-only drop, roll for that item first.
  • For each pickpocket-able item (in random order):
    • Roll a random number between 0 and 99. (Items with fractional base drop rates are Conditional Drops)
    • If the rolled number is below the item's base drop rate, then that item is stolen, and stop.
    • If the rolled number is equal to or above the item's drop rate, the attempt fails and the process continues to the next item.
  • If no items were stolen, then pickpocket fails.

The Math of Pickpocketing

If a monster can drop n different items with associated base drop rates p1, p2, ..., pn, then the probability that item #1 will be obtained from a single pickpocket is given by the formula

  • The probabilities of pickpocketing the other items can be found by permuting the variables.
  • Another, possibly easier formula, where A is the base chance of the wanted item dropping, B is the base chance of another dropping, and C is the chance of a third item dropping, is:
    • If the monster can drop 2 items, Pickpocketing Chance = A(1-B)+AB/2
    • If the monster can drop 3 items, Pickpocketing Chance = A(1-B)(1-C)+(AB)(1-C)/2+(AC)(1-B)/2+ABC/3
    • The total chance of getting an item from a monster if you Pickpocket it and kill it is:
      Base Chance (1+ Item Drop Modifiers)(1- Pickpocketing Chance) + Pickpocketing Chance


The basic Pickpocket skill is available to most Moxie classes. Other classes can access it by equipping a tiny black hole or mime army infiltration glove, or by acquiring the effects Form of...Bird! or Riboflavin'.

  • Pickpocket is only available in the first round of combat, upon getting the jump on the monster. If successful, the pickpocketed item will be prevented from dropping normally.
  • A second basic Pickpocket attempt is allowed for Disco Bandits equipped with Bling of the New Wave or a moss marlinspike, but only if the first attempt is attempted and fails.

The following item-stealing abilities can be attempted during combat. They can NOT grab items flagged as [pickpocket-only]. They fall into several broad categories. (Warning: Only the item-stealing aspects of the methods below are being compared; many have secondary effects not listed here.) Many of the methods below have other unrelated effects (damage, deleveling, etc).

  • Group 1: divine cracker, peppermint crook, and Rave Steal-like drop-forcers: Cannot succeed if an item has already been Pickpocketed, or if an item has already been stolen by another Group 1 method. As with the basic Pickpocket, any item successfully stolen in this way will be prevented from dropping normally.
    • divine cracker: (one-shot) combat item that attempts a steal using Pickpocket-like selection, with a bonus +60% to the drop rates
    • peppermint crook: reusable-until-successful combat item that attempts a steal using Pickpocket-like selection
    • Rave Steal-like drop-forcers: guaranteed steal (if possible), using equal-likelihood selection. Includes:
      • Rave Steal: 3-skill combo that steals upon completion; limit 30x/day
      • Smash & Graaagh: combat skill that steals; limit 30x/day
      • Lash of the Cobra: combat skill that steals; limit 30x/day
      • Level 14+ Belly-Dancer: Ed servant steal ability that has a random chance of triggering each round of combat; limit 30x/day
      • Hugs and Kisses!: combat skill that steals; limit 11x/day
      • V for Vivala mask: one of several potential results triggered when you land a nonlethal critical hit; no daily limit!
  • Group 2: BLART/FLUDA: No mutual exclusivity restriction here! These CAN still succeed after a successful Pickpocket or Group 1 steal. (Can one of these succeed after the other? needs spading), and can even re-steal the same item, effectively duplicating it. As with the above methods, however, any item successfully stolen in this way will be prevented from dropping normally.
    • B. L. A. R. T. Spray (narrow): recastable-until-successful combat skill that attempts a steal using Pickpocket-like selection; no daily limit
    • FLUDA's Douse Foe: recastable-until-successful combat skill that attempts a steal using Pickpocket-like selection; limit 3x/day
  • Group 3: Polar Vortex / Perpetrate Mild Evil: No mutual exclusivity restriction, and no subsequent drop prevention, effectively making these always function as item duplicators. Both are recastable (even after succeeding!) combat skills with an almost-guaranteed steal, using a unique selection process

These act independently from the other pickpockets and can succeed in the same combat:

  • The Slimeling familiar, at the end of combat, will randomly choose one of the monster's equipment pieces which didn't drop and try to disgorge it. This mechanic is somewhat similar to pickpocket, but is implemented differently. See the Disgorging section on the Slimeling's page for more details. This is independent from all of the above, meaning that it can happen in conjunction with one of the above succeeding.

Special Pockets For Picking

The following areas/monsters have items that can only be gained through the pickpocket ability:

Item Monster Location Rate
Boozehounds Anonymous token half-orc hobo (drunken and hungover) The Sleazy Back Alley 10%
C.H.U.M. chum C. H. U. M./C. H. U. M. chieftain A Maze of Sewer Tunnels 40%
calavera concertina mariachi calavera South of The Border 5%
caret Anime Smiley The Valley Beyond The Orc Chasm 4%
cheap cigar butt rushing bum The Sleazy Back Alley 60%
Colon Annihilation Hot Sauce Knob Goblin Barbecue Team Outskirts of Cobb's Knob 20%
dollar sign Uppercase Q The Enormous Greater-Than Sign 20%?
enchanted handwarmer eXtreme cross-country hippy or Orcish snowboarder The eXtreme Slope 5%
fat wallet wealthy pirate The Poop Deck 10%
flask of port Mob Penguin union rail worker A Monorail Station ?%
frigid mote Ninja Snowman Weaponmaster Lair of the Ninja Snowmen 5%
fumble formula Dr. Awkward The Palindome 5%
glass gnoll eye one-eyed Gnoll The Degrassi Knoll Gym 5%
hand grenegg demonic icebox The Haunted Kitchen 20%
handful of bees Guy Made Of Bees The Haunted Bathroom 10%
little piece of steel Mob Penguin steel driver A Monorail Station ?%
little round pebble ancient insane monk The Haiku Dungeon 55%
LOV Elixir #9 LOV Equivocator L.O.V. Elbow Room 50%
lucky lighter Cloaca-Cola/Dyspepsi-Cola Soldier A Battlefield 5%
mafia organizer badge Mob Penguin organizer A Monorail Station ?%
manly bloomers decent lumberjack Camp Logging Camp 15%
mother's secret recipe white chocolate golem Whitey's Grove 3%
Nardz energy beverage Lamz0r N00b The Valley Beyond The Orc Chasm 30%
packet of beer nuts Orcish Frat Boy (Music Lover, Paddler, or Pledge) The Orcish Frat House 15%
pile of gold coins Quantum Mechanic The Dungeons of Doom 20%
polka-dot bow tie creepy/scary clown The "Fun" House 5%
possessed tomato possessed can of tomatoes The Haunted Pantry 15%
ratarang ratbat Batrat and Ratbat Burrow 5%
roll of meat Mob Penguin protector A Monorail Station ?%
smudged alchemical recipe Knob Goblin Very Mad Scientist Laboratory 5%
software glitch bugged bugbear The Bugbear Pens 25%
spectral jelly Spectral Jellyfish Menagerie Level 3 1%
unstable quark Hellion The Deep Fat Friars' Gate/Pandamonium Slums 20%
vampire pearl vampire clam The Daily Dungeon 35%
worksite credentials Mob Penguin negotiator A Monorail Station ?%

Pickpocket Immunity

When pickpocket was originally implemented, all conditional drops were marked as not pickpocketable. Generally, this remains true for older content, although CDMoyer has stated that in more recent content, each item's pickpocketability and conditionality are determined separately.

For example, shirts drop conditionally based on whether you have Torso Awaregness. In older content, shirts could not be stolen, but in the Knob revamp, pickpocket can steal shirts.

The following is a list of notable monsters that either can not be pickpocketed or have items that can not be stolen.

Bonus Pickpocket Chance

These act as item drop modifiers, but for pickpocket attempts: +100% pickpocket chance would double the base drop rate for each item. This is different from doubling each item's total chance of being pickpocketed. These effects only affect the regular "Pick Pocket" command (as granted by Moxie classes, Birdform, and the tiny black hole) and not similar effects like the peppermint crook or divine cracker.

Source Source Type Pickpocket
Duration Cost Prereq Notes
Legendary Regalia of the Master Squeezeboxer Outfit Bonus 50% Always 60 Moxie Accordion Thief only
Quiets-Your-Steps Accessory 50% Always 100 Moxie May not equip more than one
Troutsers Pants 50% Always None
Nanoballsy Effect 30% 50 Adv None Obtained by using a moxie-based ability while your Nanorhino is at 100% charge
Sneaky Pete's leather jacket Shirt 30% Always None
Elvish sunglasses Accessory 25% Always None May not equip more than one
FantasyRealm Thief's Outfit Outfit Bonus 25% Always 40 Moxie
kelp-holly gun Weapon (1H) 25% Always 25 Mox
tiny black hole Off-Hand Item 25% Always None
Mime army infiltration glove Accessory 25% Always 200 Moxie
Danish Cunning Food 25% 30 Adv 1 Full Level 4 Obtained from eating a forbidden danish, frozen danish or smashed danish
Third Based Booze 25% 40 Adv 1 Drunk Level 4 Obtained from drinking a Third Base
wooly loincloth Pants 25% Always 40 Moxie Regenerate 4-8 MP per adventure
Biker's hat Hat 20% Always 85 Moxie
El Tango de la Maldita Suegra Item 20% 10 Adv Item loss None Obtained from evil vihuela (AT only)
Jokin' Drunk Booze 20% 20 Adv 2 Drunk Level 6 Obtained from drinking a bottle of Rapier Witbier
Lord Soggyraven's Slippers Accessory 20% Always 60 Mysticality
sticky gloves Accessory 20% Always None May not equip more than one
Thor's Pliers Weapon (1H) 20% Always None
  • +4 Stat(s) Per Fight
  • Lets You Smith and Make Jewelry Faster
  • Regenerate 6-9 MP per adventure
  • Regular Attacks Can't Miss
  • Allows You to Ply Reality
  • Regenerates Lightning Power (in Heavy Rains only)
Nicksilver ring Accessory 15% Always None
aerogel attache case Off-Hand item 10% Always None
Candy necktie Accessory 10% Always None
Glasshole Item 10% 50 Adv Item loss None Obtained from augmented-reality shades
Isskay like an Ashtray Effect 10% 50 Adv None Obtained from Saved by the Bell (KOLHS)
Knight's Armor Outfit Bonus 10% Always 15 Myst
15 Moxie
Master Accordion Master Thief Passive Skill (AT) 10% Always
Polyester pulsera Accessory 10% Always None
Sensitive Fingers Passive Skill (DB) 10% Always
Skipper's accordion Weapon (2H) 10% Always 10 Mox
sticky hand whip Weapon (1H) 10% Always None
Top Dog Food 10% 50 Adv Access to a Hot Dog Stand with the hot dog unlocked Obtained from eating a sly dog
Things Man Was Not Meant to Eat Item 10% 10 Adv Item loss None Obtained from fudge-shaped hole in space-time
Sheila Take a Crossbow Weapon (1H) 5% Always None
Video... Games? Effect 5% 5 turns   None

1 Full

Level 5
Curse of Clumsiness Effect -50% Varies None Obtained from fighting spooky monsters in Dreadsylvania


  • If you successfully pickpocket something, you won't get it as a normal drop after killing the monster. However, if the monster can drop more than one of a certain item (for example, monsters in The Hole in the Sky that can drop multiple stars or lines), the other instances of that item can still drop normally.
  • Even if a monster has no item drops, you may still attempt to pick its pocket if you get initiative.
  • Item drop modifiers do not affect pickpocketing probability.
  • If you click on a different link or log out of KoL when you get the initiative to get to the "You twiddle your thumbs" message, when you click on the Pick its Pocket button, you are still able to pickpocket.
  • It is possible to pickpocket an item, and then successfully run away from the monster, or even use a yoinked combat item in the same combat.
  • Does not count as a "skill" for the purposes of such items as Drunkula's wineglass.
  • See this forum thread for more information.
  • Pickpocketing as an Avatar of Sneaky Pete increases audience Hate by 1 (or 2 if wearing Sneaky Pete's leather jacket). The audience within that challenge path will react accordingly when doing so.
    • If the audience loves you:
The Studio Audience holds their breath, a little appalled that their beloved character would attempt to steal from someone.
The Studio Audience's cheers get a little less enthusiastic as they see you're more lawless than they thought.
The Studio Audience stops cheering and looks a little shocked. They may not believe you're as loveable a rogue as they did before.
The Studio Audience's applause gets less enthusiastic, as they see you're a little too roguelike for their taste.
The Studio Audience gasps, shocked that their beloved cultural icon would engage in petty larceny.
There are a few scattered boos among the Studio Audience's applause after your attempted petty larceny.
The Studio Audience's applause grows fainter and they look at each other, bewildered. Maybe you're not the anti-hero they thought you were.
The Studio Audience stops applauding and gasps in shock at your lawlessness.
The Studio Audience's applause grows fainter after your dastardly deed. You dastard.
The people in the Studio Audience glance at each other, bewildered that their hero would try to steal from someone.
  • If the audience hates you:
The Studio Audience howls their fury at your attempted petty larceny.
The Studio Audience adds some boos to their chorus of hisses. You're much more rogue than loveable rogue now.
The Studio Audience stands up en masse, about to walk out, disgusted by your pickpocketing.
The Studio Audience jeers and boos at your petty larceny.
The Studio Audience howls their disapproval at your pickpocketing, their boos and catcalls louder than ever.
The Studio Audience shouts their disapproval, their boos getting even louder.
The Studio Audience jeers and boos at your pickpocketing, hating you even harder than they did before.
The members of the Studio Audience frown and "tsk, tsk," too aghast at your petty larceny to even boo.
The Studio Audience's boos intensify. It seems like they were right about you from the start.
The Studio Audience starts throwing tomatoes that are even more rotten than the ones they were throwing before.


  • This ability was added to the game as a Tuesday update on January 9, 2007.

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