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PhilANThropiSt, or Pants, is a player of such renown that he owns a Totally Gay Claymore. He used to moderate the forums.

PhilANThropiSt is one of very few players to have been perm-banned from the forums and let back (although as of writing, he is currently banned again for "Continued jackassery"). All his accounts were deleted from the game, but he now uses The Real PANTS (ID#832346), and has been presented with lounge access again.

He claims to be Scottish and has a kilt, though people claim he is actually English and just likes skirts.

Besides his custom item, he is also famous for having founded - and either been kicked out of, or left to go clan-hopping and not let back into - such clans as the original clan "Philanthropists" (now better known having re-formed, minus its founder, under the name of "Noblesse Oblige"), Jicken Wings and The Rye. One of the last things he did before proudly getting himself disabled was founding the Purple Turtle while in the bar of the same name at KoLondon 2.

His original account, and several early multis, have since been deleted. PhilANThropiSt subsequently created "The Real PANTS" (ID#832346), and is leader of the clan Sparkie Motion!. The clan was "relocated" and now goes by the name "Philanthropists".

On May 27, 2008, The Real PANTS was reported as having looted the stash of fellow KoLer, dyingwaffles' (#628902) clan, The Penguin Dance Review. Per this update, he was subsequently banned from chat for 5 days, 8 hours (apparently an 8th chat ban), though no word was released on a potential account deletion. The Real PANTS (#832346) also appeared to have been disabled in May 2008, but on 16th June was seen back in /radio chat. It later transpired that he had, in fact, been given the custom title of "(Disabled)", but had not actually been disabled - although the account appears to have since received a chat ban that is either officially permanent (i.e. having received a 9th and 10th, or a custom permaban) or long enough to be effectively so.

However, like a badly cooked curried goat, there are some things that just refuse to be kept down. "Philanthropists" (#2070920) is back in /lounge chat as of January 2010... beware! :-)