Personal graffiti kit

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personal graffiti kit
personal graffiti kit

This box of blank stickers and pens makes it quick and easy to slap your tag up on any stop sign, streetlight, or person you happen to skate past.

Type: usable (self or others)
Selling Price: 5 Meat.

(In-game plural: personal graffiti kits)
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Item number: 9738
Description ID: 390440571
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Obtained From

VIP Lounge
Madame Zatara’s Relationship Fortune Teller (other player, compatible dining consultation)

When Used

Put yourm[sic] mark on ________ (name or playerid).

You have X more.

Tag 'em, Danno!
  • Appends your playername to the target's profile at a random angle and position.


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