Permanent Halloween

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Permanent Halloween

Permanent Halloween

You are accompanied by a constant soundtrack of spooky haunted house noises.

Deals Spooky Damage every round

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Effect number: 1574
Description ID: 8aebe4e4ebe8abeaf9732029b6b78933
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Obtained From


  • Inflicts 16-20 Spooky damage every round of combat:
The sound of <spooky noise> freaks your opponent out and deals X damage.
  • Spooky noises:
    • a cackling witch
    • a clock chime ringing 13 times
    • a door slowly creaking open
    • a shambling mummy
    • a wolf howling in the distance
    • distant thunder
    • hollow, maniacal laughter
    • nearby thunder
    • owls hooting
    • rats skittering beneath the floorboards
    • rattling bones
    • shrieking bats

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