Peripatetic pirate

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Item drop rates

Peripatetic pirate
Monster ID 722
Locations every 25-35 adventures on Talk Like a Pirate Day from IV onwards
Hit Points Equal to player HP
Attack Scales with player stats
Defense Scales with player stats
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum pirate
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, torso
black spot, can of Binarrrca
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
peripatetic pirate You're fighting a peripatetic pirate

This be a pirate who was expelled from the pirate life. Not a man jack be sure why, though some bilge rats babble some nonsense about "a name that doesn't start with an adjective that ends in 'y'."

Whatever the reason for his ostracization, he's not too happy about it, and ye can be sure he's going to take it out on you.

Hit Message(s):

He punches ye in the <arm>. It wouldn't hurt, except he uses his hook hand. Ow! Ouch! Eek! Ouch!

He pegs you in the leg with his pegleg. Ouch! Argh! Oof! Ugh!

He cuts you into cutlets with his cutlass, alas. Ugh! Argh! Oof!

Ye calls him a pathetic peripatetic pirate. He's so enraged at the tongue twister that he pummels ye but good. Ow! Ooh! Eek! Ow!

Critical Hit Message:

He says, "I be a fearsome pirate! I was the best booty-looter that ever sailed the eleven seas! And they marooned me!" and then pummels ye with his good hand and his hook hand. Oof! Ooh! Eek! Eek!

Miss Message(s):

He tries to punch ye in the <shins>, but gets his hook stuck in the wall. Did I mention that wall behind ye?

He tries to peg you in the leg with his pegleg, but you avoid getting pegged.

He tries to cut you with his cutlass, but you point out you're hardly a lass.

Ye calls him a pathetic peripatetic pirate. He doesn't seem to have a good comeback for that.

Fumble Message:

You say, "well, I think you're a fearsome pirate. I wouldn't have kicked you off of my crew." He gets teary-eyed and says, "that means a lot to me, land-lubber." (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Spray.gifYou acquire an item: can of Binarrrca (100% chance)*
Luckycap.gifYou acquire an item: black spot (10% chance)*

Occurred randomly as a wandering monster on Talk Like a Pirate Day