Periodical Paintbrush

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Periodical Paintbrush
Periodical Paintbrush

This enchanted paintbrush magically paints a different beautiful, stunning, and strange painting for every month of the year. It was created as a prize for the 12 artists whose art will be appearing in the first annual Kingdom of Loathing Fan Art Calendar (which was published in that mysterious alternate universe known as "real life"). Bow before their elite art skills!

Type: weapon (1-handed artsything)
Damage: 10 - 20
Cannot be traded or discarded

Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: Periodical Paintbrushs)
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Item number: 2839
Description ID: 122462796
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Obtained From

Given to artists of the 2008 Calendar of Loathing


Your Periodical Paintbrush paints a picture of <it> taking X damage. It's not a pretty picture, believe me. KAPOW! ZAP! BOOF!
You paint with all the colors of the wind -- all the colors that do X damage, that is. WHAM! ZAP! BARF!
Your Periodical Paintbrush paints a convincing picture of <it> in pain -- so convincing, in fact, that <it> takes X damage. WHAM! BOINK! WHAM!
You ask your Periodical Paintbrush "could you wanna paint a picture of this monster taking X damage? 'Cause I won't remember." The paintbrush complies. SMACK! ZOT! ZOT!
You use <her> like a canvas, painting X damage worth of pure artistic pain. KERBLAM! BIFF! BARF!


  • Given by Mr Skullhead to 12 artists (snarles2, Colonel_Hogs, SirJeffreyOfVistledorf, Master Bates, Lierne, Skojar, Southwest, evilmetaldork, Xanthia, Neurion, Brightmeadow, Fallimar)
  • X is equal to 5 × Y, where Y is the current Grimace darkness.


  • As this item was awarded for winning a calendar illustration contest, it isn't surprising that the enchantment would be based on moon cycles.
  • The weapon-specific hit message stating "could you wanna paint a picture..." is a reference to the song "Take a Picture" by Filter.
  • "Colors of the wind" is a reference to the song of the same name from Disney's Pocahontas.

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KoL Fan Art Calendar Artist Rewards
Year Reward Type Enchantment
2008 Paintbrush.gif Periodical Paintbrush 1-handed artsything Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
2009 Rberet.gif Seasonal Beret Hat Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
2010 Ascot.gif Annual Ascot Accessory All Attributes +12%
2011 Scrubs.gif Gregarious Gregorian Smock Shirt Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
2012 Knightpants.gif Leapin' Trousers Pants +1 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
All Attributes +4
2013 Shield.gif Solstice Shield Off-hand Item Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
Damage Absorption +20
2014 Tube.gif Temporal Tempera Tube Off-hand Item Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
2015 Paintbrush.gif Petite Paintbrush Familiar Equipment +1 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
X is equal to 5 × Y, where Y is the current Grimace darkness.