Peppermint twist

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peppermint twist
peppermint twist

This is a little twist of peppermint, perfect for adding a festive kick to a holiday cocktail. Then next year, we can twist again, like we did last winter.

(Fancy Cocktailcrafting ingredient)
Type: potion
Effect: Peppermint Twisted (10 Adventures)+40% Combat Initiative
+50% Meat from Monsters
+10 to Monster Level

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: peppermint twists)
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Item number: 5396
Description ID: 627296529
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Asterisk.gif 1 peppermint sprout
Equals.gif peppermint twist

When Used

Pep twist.gif
You choke down the peppermint twist. It's like that time you ate a Slinky and chased it with mouthwash.
Pep twist.gifYou acquire an effect: Peppermint Twisted
(duration: 10 Adventures)



Basic Booze
3 Drunk
3 Adv
Peppermint Drink
2 Drunk
10-13 Adv
Stat Gains
25-50 Listed Stat
10-20 Other Stats
bottle of whiskey Mint Yulep Muscle
bottle of vodka Vodka Matryoshka
bottle of rum Crimbojito Mysticality
boxed wine Sangria de Menthe
bottle of tequila Tequiz Navidad Moxie
bottle of gin Gin Mint



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