Peppermint Pip Packet

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Peppermint Pip Packet
Peppermint Pip Packet

This is a little paper envelope with a few peppermint seeds, or "pips," in it. I can only hope that Peter Piper picked it for you.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: Peppermint Pip Packets)
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Item number: 5404
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Obtained From

Mr. Store
Mint Salton Pepper's Peppermint Seed Catalog
Planting a new Garden with A Peppermint Patch as your current Garden

When Used

Pep seeds.gif
You pop open the packet of peppermint pips and put them in the pocks you poked with your p... your finger.


  • Grows A Peppermint Patch in your campground.
  • During a Bad Moon ascension, your peppermint patch will be invisible and inaccessible before freeing King Ralph. It will still follow its normal growth sequence (see A Peppermint Patch); for example, if you drop Bad Moon on day 2 of your ascension, the patch will reappear with 6 peppermints in it.
  • If there is already a crop in your Garden, your Peppermint Patch will replace that crop and return the previous crop's seed packet to you.
  • When replacing A Peppermint Patch with another crop, the following message is displayed:

You stomp through the garden gathering up all of the stray peppermint seeds and shove them back into the packet.

Pep seeds.gifYou acquire an item: Peppermint Pip Packet


  • "To every thing there is a season" is from Ecclesiastes 3:1, and was popularized in the song "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by The Byrds.


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