Penguinskin mini-skirt

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penguinskin mini-skirt
penguinskin mini-skirt

This is a smallish skirt made out of a smallish penguin (as opposed to those giant penguins you’ve heard so much about). It’ll make your ass look like it’s wearing a tuxedo.

Type: pants
Power: 120
Moxie Required: 45
Selling Price: 140 Meat.

Combat Initiative +20%

(In-game plural: penguinskin mini-skirts)
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Item number: 1280
Description ID: 600277944
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Hatpants.gif skirt / kilt kit penguin skin
Equals.gif penguinskin mini-skirt


  • This item can only be smithed by female characters. Male characters instead create a penguinskin mini-kilt.

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