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This guide will provide some additional information to aid with a Path of the Plumber ascension.

Astral Consumables & Equipment

Only astral hot dogs can be consumed by plumbers, astral pilsners cannot be imbibed.

Regarding astral equipment, the Astral belt is likely the best choice. The path does not provide any ML modifiers at all, and while the boost in substats do not work well, the extra +20 ML can still be applied to various quests. This makes various objectives like climbing the Oil Peak and heating the unstable fulminate easier and faster.

For some Hardcore runs, the Astral pet sweater is a possible option. While familiars remain usable, the usual abilities for boosting familiar weight are unavailable, leaving them considerably weaker, especially early on. This is less of an issue for those with access to familiar weight increases such as Tall Grass equipment, Fourth of May Cosplay Saber empathy chip, brutal brogues, and others.

Moon Sign

Due to the lack of a defined mainstat, there is some additional flexibility in moon sign choices.

Mr. Store Items

Most of the usual applications for various items from the Mr. Store exist. However, some are more important than others under these restrictions, while others have their effectiveness reduced. Key divergences while it was under standard restrictions will be listed here.

General Advice

  • Lucky Buckle > Secret Eye > Multi-Bounce + Ballerina Costume + fancy boots + fizzy soda = coin farming!
    • It is probably necessary to use this chain for multiple early runs in order to quickly acquire all of the other things that need coins, at least during your starting ascensions. This will likely be less necessary with enough bonus starting coins.
  • The lack of a specific mainstat means that you can advance whatever stat you'd like in order to level up. It will also partially determine your overall combat strategy, since you will need to use all three:
    • Muscle - Easiest to advance (especially when feeding pies men were not meant to collectively eat into the diabolic pizza cube), but likely the least useful. More HP just means healing will cost more (which tends to be less of an issue in the later stages of a run), and scaling combats will get more HP, and thus harder to one-shot. The necessity to use a weapon limits your equipment options, and both Hammer Throw and Ultra Smash are among the least useful abilities to have, especially early on.
    • Mysticality - Hardest to advance (few good options with the diabolic pizza cube exist), but the combat skills (despite requiring a weapon slot again) are crucial for being the only sources of reliable elemental damage. Decently high mysticality is required to make full use of Blech House as well. The temporary stat boost and potential heal from Juggle Fireballs and the yellow ray from Fireball Barrage ensures that this stat deserves some attention.
      • Note that at least 70 mysticality is required to equip the island war outfit.
    • Moxie - Likely the best stat to focus on. The main benefit is that combat requires an accessory slot rather than a weapon, which allows for more flexibility using weapons like the Fourth of May Cosplay Saber and broken champagne bottle. In addition, you will likely take little to no damage, reducing healing costs down the road. Finally, a level 3 Multi-Bounce is useful for generating coins early on while dealing enough damage to likely beat most enemies with a single use. For stronger enemies, Spin Jump will help considerably.
      • Note that at least 70 moxie is required to equip the island war outfit.
  • Stat gains from non-combats are unchanged. If you cannot gain enough stats from food, the second floor of Spookyraven Manor can help make up the difference.


Skills & Items

  • While basic combat skills will suffice early on, you will quickly need to rely on at a 2 PP combat skill to win fights. Multi-Bounce is likely the best first choice, for its continuous coin generation (when maxed out) will serve you well for affording other badges and items earlier.
    • Relying on fizzy soda is a cheaper method of maintaining 2 PP than the Power Plus badge early on, allowing you to prioritize more useful badges and items.
  • The Lucky Pin, Lucky Brooch and Lucky Insignia are all high priority badges that will give a combined +90% to item drops from monsters.
  • You will want to have the bony back shell and the Rainbow Shield badge for areas like The Haunted Kitchen and the A-boo Peak tests, and the cape by the time you seek to fight modern zmobies.



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