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Path of the Plumber is the Spring 2020 special challenge path, introduced on February 15th, 2020. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "Jump, Hammer and Fireball your way through the Kingdom. Just like a plumber!"


Class and skills

  • None of your permed skills are available.
  • Stat gains from fights are divided by 4.
  • You cannot attack with a normal weapon. Instead, you can only use hammer attacks, fireball attacks, or jump attacks, each skill of which has a level between 1 and 3. If you do not have a way to attack, you cannot trigger an Adventure in an area, even if the next Adventure you would undertake will be a non-combat.
    • It is possible to trigger combat in areas that do not rely on adventure.php, such as The Tavern Cellar, but you will not be able to attack in any way. Your actions will be limited to skills, items and running away.
  • Equipment purchased at the Mushroom District Gear Shop grants 1-2 levels (1-handed weapons for hammer or fireball, accessories for jump), Mushroom District Costume Shop provides the last level.
  • Mushroom District Badge Shop provides passives at an increasing price.
  • Mushroom District Item Shop offers helpful HP restorers and other things.
  • Power Points (shortened to PP) are used to cast Plumber skills instead of MP; however, MP is still accessible for Seek out a Bird and CLEESH.
  • PP is fully restored after each battle.


  • You have 20 stomach, and receive 10x the stat points from consuming food.
  • You cannot drink booze. The following message is given when one attempts to:
    You have a zero tolerance policy about alcohol, which is to say that your alcohol tolerance is zero.
  • You only have 5 spleen.
  • You receive a steel lasagna by completing the Azazel, Ma Belle quest.
  • Cuppa Voraci tea doesn’t work in the path but is still consumed on use.


Power Points

  • As mentioned above, you have Power Points instead of MP. Power Points refill at the start of every battle, and are spent to use Plumber-y skills in combat. Each source increases maximum Power Points by 1.
Source Type Notes
Default n/a You start with 1 Power Point by virtue of being a Plumber!
Power Plus Passive Mushroom District Badge Shop unlockable. Costs a variable amount of coins.
power pants Pants Mushroom District Gear Shop - 300 coins.
Fizzy Fizzy Effect (20 adventures) Mushroom District Item Shop - fizzy soda, 15 coins.


  • You do not have a main stat. Your highest unbuffed stat is used for determining things pertaining to level.
  • Due to the above, Plumbers cannot accept the Defend the Gourd Quest, due to its dependency on a mainstat to determine the items to retrieve. Clicking The Gourd Tower gives the following message:
    Uh urp. I don't talk... glurk to plumbers. Go... eep... away eep...
  • You also won't be accepted into any of the guilds. You will not be able to use a guild to unlock any quests or areas.
  • Plumbers cannot enter The Sea. Clicking An Old Man gives the following message:
    That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.
  • As of April 2, 2020, Plumbers cannot use items that grant skills. Attempting to do so gives the following message:
    The Plumbers' Union forbids the reading of any material not issued by the Plumbers' Union.
  • Standard restrictions apply while Path of the Plumber is the current challenge path. These restrictions are scheduled to be lifted on May 15, 2020.
  • You cannot drop the Path of the Plumber until day 3:
    Plumber's Union requirements dictate a term of at least 3 days.



  • Players can only attack using Plumber-exclusive skills. If you don't have either a hammer, fire flower, work boots (or their upgraded versions heavy hammer, bonfire flower, or fancy boots) equipped, you are not allowed to enter an adv.php combat:
    If you got into a fight right now, you wouldn't be able to attack anything! Equip those boots you found.
  • Plumbers have 9 attacks, which have 3 tiers of effectiveness depending on your equipment.
  • Basic gear provides +1 Level, while upgraded gear provides +2 Levels. It is necessary to buy a costume from the Mushroom District Costume Shop to reach Level 3, although basic gear can be paired with a costume to get Tier 2 skill effects.
    • Costumes alone do not provide Tier 1 skill effects.
Skill Tier 1 trait Tier 2 trait Tier 3 trait
Hammer Smash (0 PP) Deal 20 physical damage Deal 40 physical damage Deal 100% of Muscle as physical damage
Hammer Throw (1 PP) Stagger
10% delevel
15% delevel
20% delevel
Ultra Smash (2 PP) Deal 100% of Muscle as physical damage Deal 200% of Muscle as physical damage All-day banish (costs a turn)
Fireball Toss (0 PP) Deal 15 Hot Damage Deal 25 Hot Damage Deal 100% of Mysticality as Hot Damage
Juggle Fireballs (1 PP) Stagger
1 turn of +100% stat buff
1 turn of +200% stat buff
1 turn of +200% stat buff
Heal 50% of Myst in HP
Fireball Barrage (2 PP) Deal 200% of Mysticality as Hot Damage Deal 300% of Mysticality as Hot Damage Yellow Ray (50 turns of Everything Looks Yellow)
If Yellow Ray effect is ineligible, deal 300% of Mysticality as Hot Damage (same as Tier 2)
Jump Attack (0 PP) Deal 15 physical damage Deal 25 physical damage Deal 100% of Moxie as physical damage
Spin Jump (1 PP) 3-turn stun 4-turn stun 5-turn stun
Multi-Bounce (2 PP) Deal 50% of Moxie as physical damage 3 times Deal 50% of Moxie as physical damage 4 times Deal 50% of Moxie as physical damage 5 times
Acquire 4-5 coins
Name Effect
Mario throwhammer.gif Hammer Throw Grants Hammer Throw
Mario ultrasmash.gif Ultra Smash Grants Ultra Smash
Mario juggle.gif Juggle Fireballs Grants Juggle Fireballs
Mario barrage.gif Fireball Barrage Grants Fireball Barrage
Mario spinjump.gif Spin Jump Grants Spin Jump
Mario multibounce.gif Multi-Bounce Grants Multi-Bounce
Mario power.gif Power Plus Power Point maximum +1
Mario eye.gif Secret Eye Sometimes acquire Plumber items after combat
Mario buckle.gif Lucky Buckle Coin gain after combats increased by +3
Mario shield.gif Rainbow Shield So-So Resistance to All Elements (+2)
Mario luck1.gif Lucky Pin Item drop rate +30%
Mario luck2.gif Lucky Brooch Item drop rate +30%
Mario luck3.gif Lucky Insignia Item drop rate +30%
Mario health.gif Health Symbol Recover 5 HP after every fight

Skill progression

Each normal (softcore) Path of the Plumber ascension completed grants +50 coins in future Path of the Plumber runs, and each hardcore Path of the Plumber ascension completed grants +100 coins. This progression is capped at +1,100 starting coins.


See The Council of Loathing/Path of the Plumber



  • Finishing a Path of the Plumber run while it is the current special challenge path -- between February 15th, 2020, and May 15th, 2020 -- gives players a Red coin upon defeating Waplayer, along with 50 (in Normal) or 100 (in Hardcore) extra karma points the next time they visit Valhalla.
  • A class tattoo is obtained when starting the path.
    • A sparkly class tattoo is obtained at the start of any run following your first Hardcore Plumber run.
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold buzzy beetle statuette each time they complete a run.


  • Unsurprisingly an overall reference to the Super Mario franchise.
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