Path of the Mole

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Here is a page that quickly maps out the Mt. Molehill adventures from The Gong Has Been Bung. Before each noncombat, you fight three combats, in each of which you can Tunnel Upwards or Tunnel Downwards once. Every use of the skills will move you up or down a floor.

Floor Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
9     Climate Colada
(potion, 20 turns, All Attributes +30%)
8 Bureaucratized
(+10 to Familiar Weight, 20 Adventures)
6 A Secret Ooze
5 mole molé
3 A Fairly Large Fairy
Liquid Courage
(+3 Stats Per Fight, 20 Adventures)
2 Cravin' for a Ravin'
(+100% Meat from Monsters,
5 Adventures)
-1 Morlock's Mark Bourbon
-3 A Labour of Moles
-4   Extra Terrestrial
(Regenerate 10-20 HP & MP per adventure,
20 Adventures)
-6 Arcane in the Brain
(-3 MP to use Skills,
5 Adventures)
-9 digital underground potion
(20 turns, +30 ML)


  • It's possible to drastically alter your course in Mt. Molehill using any sort of free Run Away effect, in case you mess up.
  • You can even tunnel up above or down below the normal bounds:
    • Reaching Step 1 while above floor 3 or below floor -3 will result in the Cravin' for a Ravin' noncombat.
    • Reaching Step 2 while above floor 6 or below floor -6, or Step 3 while above floor 9 or below floor -9, will result in a Mt. Molehill combat instead of the scheduled noncombat, and you will not receive a reward for that Step.