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Pasta Thralls are creatures summoned by Pastamancer binding skills. Once summoned, the thrall acts like a second familiar with unique abilities. The thrall's image, name and level are displayed in the left pane, above the list of effects.

To call upon a summon, the Pastamancer must use one of the eight "Binding" non-combat skills. Only one thrall at a time can accompany a Pastamancer; using a different binding skill will replace the current thrall with the new one. You can cast Dismiss Pasta Thrall if for some reason you don't want an active Pasta Thrall. Attempting to summon a Thrall as any class other than Pastamancer will instead give 10 turns of an effect associated with the Thrall. You can only have one of these effects at a time.

All of the binding skills are learned in The League of Chef-Magi except Bind Spaghetti Elemental, which is learned from the decoded cult documents in the Pastamancer Nemesis quest.

List of Pasta Thralls

Note: In this table, "level" indicates the thrall's experience level.

Thrall Summoning skill MP cost Level 1 ability Level 5 ability Level 10 ability Non-Pastamancer Effect
(10 turns)
Vampieroghi Bind Vampieroghi 12 Deals damage and heals you in combat

Damage ranges from 1 to 2*level and restores HP the same amount every combat round

Dispels a negative effect after fights Gives you +60 maximum Hit Points Bloody Potato Bits
(Regenerate 3-5 HP per Adventure)
Vermincelli Bind Vermincelli 30 Restores MP after combat

MP restored is level to 2*level

Attacks and poisons your foes

Deals damage every round for ceil(level/2) to level. Poisons on first attack.

Gives you +30 maximum Mana Points Slinking Noodle Glob
(Maximum MP +15)
Angel Hair Wisp Bind Angel Hair Wisp 60 (5*level)% Combat Initiative Prevents enemy critical hits Blocks enemy attacks Whispering Strands
(+10% Combat Initiative)
Elbow Macaroni Bind Undead Elbow Macaroni 100 Your base Muscle can't be lower than your base Mysticality. Gives you (2*level) Weapon Damage Gives you +10% chance of Critical Hit Macaroni Coating
(Muscle +10)
Penne Dreadful Bind Penne Dreadful 150 Your base Moxie can't be lower than your base Mysticality. Weakens enemies by level at the start of combat. Damage Reduction: 10 Penne Fedora
(Moxie +10)
Spaghetti Elemental Bind Spaghetti Elemental 150 Gain 1 to ceil(level/3) extra stats per combat. Prevents the first attack against you Gives you +5 Spell Damage Nothing
(wastes 150 MP)
Lasagmbie Bind Lasagmbie 200 20+(2*level)% Increased meat drops Attacks for Spooky Damage Gives you +10 damage to Spooky Spells Pasta Eyeball
(+10% Meat Drops from monsters)
Spice Ghost Bind Spice Ghost 250 10+level% Item Drops from Monsters Sometimes drops spices in combat (First 10 combats) Increases the duration of Entangling Noodles Spice Haze
(+5% Item Drops from monsters)

Same as with summoned thralls, trying to bind a thrall for its Non-Pastamancer effect will remove any other of those Non-Pastamancer effects.


Pasta thralls level up by gaining experience from combats (in which you are victorious.) One point of experience is gained from each combat won. Familiar experience modifiers have no effect.

Thrall experience level is capped at 10. Each thrall gains a new ability at level 5 and level 10. Thralls maintain their individual experience levels after being replaced and re-summoned. Ascension resets all levels.

When a thrall levels up:

T vampieroghi.gif <Name> looks more powerful...
Thrall level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
XP needed from previous level 10 15 25 30 40 40 40 50 50
Total XP needed 0 10 25 50 80 120 160 200 250 300

The experimental carbon fiber pasta additive can be used once per day to give 30 experience points to your current thrall. Items that formerly summoned Pasta Guardians can also be used to grant 10 experience points to your current thrall.

Item Obtained from XP gained Notes
experimental carbon fiber pasta additive Chef Boy, R&D 30
  • Useable once per day.
  • Not consumed on use
  • Cannot be traded
crumbling rat skull The Middle Chamber: Iiti Kitty 10
  • Consumed on use
  • Cannot be traded
  • No longer obtainable
  • Formerly only dropped for Pastamancers.
paranormal ricotta The Defiled Alcove, The Misspelled Cemetary (Post-Cyrpt): corpulent zobmie, grave rober zmobie
quasi-ethereal macaroni fragments The Haunted Pantry: undead elbow macaroni
scintillating powder The Haunted Kitchen: Nice Rack! (1/day)
shimmering tendrils The Defiled Niche, The Misspelled Cemetary (Post-Cyrpt): senile lihc, slick lihc
smoking talon Guano Junction: skullbat
twitching trigger finger The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert: Trigger? I hardly...
vampire glitter McMillicancuddy's Farm: vampire duck
wine-soaked bone chips Wine Racks: skeletal sommelier


  • Pasta Thralls came into existence as part of the Pastamancer revamp on November 14, 2013. Prior to this, they existed in a significantly different form as Pasta Guardians.


  • The thrall summoning dialogues reference the higher plane ninja communications in the movie Beverly Hills Ninja.