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entryway:pine bat=33.3|regular old bat=33.3|albino bat=33.3|| batrat and ratbat burrow:batrat=50|ratbat=50|| beanbat chamber:beanbat=100|| camp logging camp:decent lumberjack=20|lumberjack supervisor=20|lumberjill=20|lumberjuan=20|rock and roll, eh?=6.7|time to split=6.7|what a tosser!=6.7|| castle in the clouds in the sky (muscle):furry giant=12.5|goth giant=12.5|possibility giant=12.5|procrastination giant=12.5|raver giant=12.5|alphabet giant=12.5|being taken out by the trash=10|in a black room, with black curtains=5|what are the odds?=5|wheel in the clouds in the sky=5|| castle in the clouds in the sky (mysticality):furry giant=12.5|goth giant=12.5|possibility giant=12.5|procrastination giant=12.5|raver giant=12.5|alphabet giant=12.5|outage, brief candle=10|in a black room, with black curtains=5|what are the odds?=5|wheel in the clouds in the sky=5|| castle in the clouds in the sky (moxie):furry giant=12.5|goth giant=12.5|possibility giant=12.5|procrastination giant=12.5|raver giant=12.5|alphabet giant=12.5|the cat's in the castle and the silver spoon=10|in a black room, with black curtains=5|what are the odds?=5|wheel in the clouds in the sky=5|| castle in the clouds in the sky (no stat):furry giant=12.5|goth giant=12.5|possibility giant=12.5|procrastination giant=12.5|raver giant=12.5|alphabet giant=12.5|in a black room, with black curtains=8.3|what are the odds?=8.3|wheel in the clouds in the sky=8.3|| the misspelled cemetary (post-cyrpt):corpulent zobmie=12.5|gaunt ghuol=12.5|gluttonous ghuol=12.5|grave rober zmobie=12.5|senile lihc=12.5|slick lihc=12.5|spiny skelelton=12.5|toothy sklelton=12.5|| the misspelled cemetary (pre-cyrpt):ghuol=14.3|grave rober=14.3|lihc=14.3|skleleton=14.3|smart skelton=14.3|zmobie=14.3|zobmie=14.3|| crimbo town toy factory:striking factory-worker elf=20|striking gift-wrapper elf=20|striking middle-management elf=20|striking pencil-pusher elf=20|striking stocking-stuffer elf=20|| the deep fat friar's gate:demoninja=13.6|fallen archfiend=13.6|g imp=13.6|hellion=13.6|p imp=13.6|w imp=13.6|l imp=13.6|der bierdieb=1.7|friar no more=1.7|on wings of fire=1.7|| the extreme slope:sk8 gnome=20|extreme cross-country hippy=20|extreme orcish snowboarder=20|extreme trick-turning=6.7|generic teen comedy snowboarding adventure=6.7|saint beernard=6.7|see you l8r, gnome.=6.7|x spots the mark=6.7|yeti nother hippy=6.7|| fernswarthy's tower:brainsweeper=16.7|bread golem=16.7|chowder golem=16.7|lesser fruit golem=16.7|weretaco=16.7|yeast beast=16.7|| orcish frat house:orcish frat boy (french maid)=33.3|orcish frat boy (paddling)=33.3|orcish frat boy (sorority orcs)=33.3|| the "fun" house:bugbear-in-the-box=16.7|creepy clown=16.7|disease-in-the-box=16.7|lemon-in-the-box=16.7|scary clown=16.7|shaky clown=16.7|| the goatlet:dairy goat=33.3|drunk goat=33.3|sabre-toothed goat=33.3|| guano junction:baseball bat=16.7|briefcase bat=16.7|doughbat=16.7|perpendicular bat=16.7|skullbat=16.7|vampire bat=16.7|| the haunted pantry:fiendish can of asparagus=22.9|possessed can of tomatoes=22.9|undead elbow macaroni=22.9|flame-broiled meat blob=11.4|the baker's dilemma=5|oh no, hobo=5|the singing tree=5|tresspasser=5|| the hippy camp:crusty hippy=11.1|crusty hippy jewelry maker=11.1|crusty hippy vegan chef=11.1|dirty hippy=11.1|dirty hippy jewelry maker=11.1|dirty hippy vegan chef=11.1|filthy hippy=11.1|filthy hippy jewelry maker=11.1|filthy hippy vegan chef=11.1|| the hole in the sky:one-eyed willie=9.5|the astronomer=14.3|the family jewels=9.5|the hooded warrior=9.5|the junk=9.5|the pork sword=9.5|the trouser snake=9.5|the twig and berries=9.5|the burrowing bishop=9.5|the skinflute=9.5|| the icy peak:knott yeti=32.7|upgraded ram=32.7|snow queen=19.6|avalanche!=5|the source=5|extremely lost=5|| the 8-bit realm:blooper=12.5|bullet bill=12.5|goomba=12.5|keese=12.5|koopa troopa=12.5|tektite=12.5|zol=12.5|octorok=12.5|| itznotyerzitz mine:7-foot dwarf=46.7|7-foot dwarf foreman=23.3|100% legal=5|a flat miner=5|a girl's best friend=5|grilling the foreman=5|see you next fall=5|speak, frat boy, and enter=5|| itznotyerzitz mine (shirts):7-foot dwarf=46.7|7-foot dwarf foreman=23.3|100% legal=4.8|a flat miner=4.8|a girl's best friend=4.8|grilling the foreman=4.8|right in the vestibule!=1.2|see you next fall=4.8|speak, frat boy, and enter=4.8|| knob goblin harem:a bard day's night=10|knob goblin elite guardsman=20|knob goblin harem girl=40|harem scarem=10|hippo ballet to you=10|you're gonna carry that weight=10|| knob goblin laboratory:knob goblin mad scientist=71|knob goblin very mad scientist=39|| knob goblin treasury:knob goblin bean counter=42.5|knob goblin elite guardsman=42.5|meat score!=7.5|treasury chest=7.5|| menagerie (level 1):basic elemental=33.3|fruit golem=33.3|knob goblin mutant=33.3|| menagerie (level 2):carnivorous moxie weed=33.3|grass elemental=33.3|weremoose=33.3|| menagerie (level 3):booze giant=33.3|portly abomination=33.3|spectral jellyfish=33.3|| the lair of the ninja snowman:ninja snowman (katana)=20|ninja snowman (masked)=20|ninja snowman (ricebowl)=20|ninja snowman janitor=20|ninja snowman weaponmaster=20|| outskirts of camp logging camp:cloud of disembodied whiskers=17.5|forest spirit=17.5|poutine ooze=17.5|an axe handle=17.5|jammin' on the axe=10|like hoofball=10|the inverse is also true=10|| outskirts of cobb's knob:knob goblin assistant chef=20|knob goblin barbecue team=20|sleeping knob goblin guard=20|sub-assistant mad scientist=20|ennui is wasted on the young=5|knob goblin bbq=5|malice in chains=5|when rocks attack=5|| the palindome:drab bard=7.1|flock of stab-bats=7.1|taco cat=7.1|tan gnat=7.1|amen enema=6.25|evil olive=7.1|bob racecar=7.1|racecar bob=7.1|denim axes examined=6.25|flee to me, remote elf!=6.25|i prefer pi=6.25|no, sire, away! a papaya war is on!=12.5|sun at noon, tan us=12.5|| penultimate fantasy airship:burly sidekick=12.3|magimechtech mechamech=12.3|protagonist=12.3|quiet healer=12.3|spunky princess=12.3|irritating series of random encounters=18.5|treasure!=20|| the obligatory pirate's cove:a dreadful curse=6.7|sassy pirate=12|shady pirate=12|shifty pirate=12|smarmy pirate=12|swarthy pirate=12|amatearrr night=6.7|barrie me at sea=6.7|filching the undarrwear=6.7|the arrrbitrator=6.7|the beached boys=6.7|| the sleazy back alley:big creepy spider=20|completely different spider=20|drunken half-orc hobo=20|rushing bum=20|aww, craps=5|dumpster diving=5|please, hammer=5|the entertainer=5|| south of the border:a chewy encounter=25|handsome mariachi=10|mariachi calavera=10|raging bull=10|angry pinata=10|irate mariachi=10|finger-lickin'... death=12.5|la farmacia de suenos=12.5|| spectral pickle factory:carnivorous dill plant=25|ghostly pickle factory worker=25|vine gar=25|cucumbers of the damned=6.25|the salt of the earth=6.25|uuuuuuunionize!=6.25|you don't want fop!=6.25|| thugnderdome:gnarly gnome=16.7|gnasty gnome=16.7|gnefarious gnome=16.7|gnu jack gnome=16.7|vicious gnauga=16.7|gnomester blomester=16.7|| valley beyond the orc chasm:1335 haxx0r=14.3|flaming troll=14.3|lamz0r n00b=14.3|me4t begz0r=14.3|spam witch=14.3|anime smiley=14.3|xxx pr0n=14.3|| whitey's grove:knight in white satin=18.8|white chocolate golem=18.8|white lion=18.8|whitesnake=18.8|don't fence me in=8.3|the only thing about him is the way that he walks=8.3|rapido!=8.3|| spooky forest (with hearts):bar=10|spooky mummy=10|spooky vampire=10|triffid=10|warwelf=10|wolfman=10|a three-tined fork=8|an interesting choice=8|gravy ring=8|have a heart=8|radio decomposer=8|| spooky forest (without heart):bar=10|spooky mummy=10|spooky vampire=10|triffid=10|warwelf=10|wolfman=10|a three-tined fork=10|an interesting choice=10|gravy ring=10|radio decomposer=10|| knob goblin kitchens:knob goblin chef=66.6|knob goblin master chef=33.4|| a battlefield (cloaca uniform):dyspepsi-cola general=31.7|dyspepsi-cola knight=31.7|dyspepsi-cola soldier=31.7|kneatly knitting the knapsack=5|| the dungeons of doom:acid blob=14|large kobold=14|mind flayer=14|quantum mechanic=14|swarm of killer bees=14|a dash of boulder=10|the hunger=10|the return of the dishwasher=10|| degrassi knoll:gnollish crossdresser=8.4|gnollish flyslayer=8.4|gnollish piebaker=8.4|gnollish plungermaster=8.4|gnollish tirejuggler=8.4|gnollish war chef=8.4|guard bugbear=8.4|one-eyed gnoll=8.4|gnollish gearhead=12.6|gnollish toga party=10|gnollish workshop=10|| Orcish Frat House (with Spanish fly):orcish frat boy (french maid)=25|orcish frat boy (paddling)=25|orcish frat boy (sorority orcs)=25|i just wanna fly=25|| a battlefield (dyspepsi uniform):cloaca-cola catapult engineer=31.7|cloaca-cola footsoldier=31.7|cloaca-cola soldier=31.7|kneatly knicking the knapsack=5|| the dark heart of the woods:fallen archfiend=28.3|g imp=28.3|p imp=28.3|on wings of fire=15|| the dark neck of the woods:hellion=28.3|p imp=28.3|w imp=28.3|friar no more=15|| the bugbear pens:bugged bugbear=17.6|revolting bugbear=17.6|revolving bugbear=17.6|angry bugbear=17.6|mad bugbears=17.6|annoying spooky gravy fairy=11.8|| the dark elbow of the woods:demoninja=28.3|g imp=28.3|l imp=28.3|der bierdieb=15|| the spooky gravy barrow:spooky gravy fairy guard=26.7|spooky gravy fairy ninja=26.7|spooky gravy fairy warlock=26.7|finding neverevereverland=10|heart of very, very dark darkness=10|| the knob shaft:ghost miner=85|mine!=15|| bad trip:swarm of country bats=16.7|trippy floating head (mona lisa)=16.7|trippy floating head (grand moff tarkin)=16.7|trippy floating head (casey kasem)=16.7|zombie baby=16.7|violet fog=16.7|| mediocre trip:feeling that you're being watched=16.7|really interesting wallpaper=16.7|the best carpet ever=16.7|urge to stare at your hands=16.7|visible music=16.7|violet fog=16.7|| great trip:angels of avalon=16.7|bustle in the hedgerow=16.7|elders of the gentle race=16.7|gathering of angels?=16.7|higher plane serpents=16.7|violet fog=16.7|| the haunted kitchen:demonic icebox=20|paper towelgeist=20|possessed silverware drawer=20|skullery maid=20|zombie chef=20|| the haunted bathroom:claw-foot bathtub=25|malevolent hair clog=25|toilet papergeist=25|don't hold a grudge=16.7|having a medicine ball=8.3|| the haunted conservatory:anglerbush=16.7|confused goth music student=16.7|man-eating plant=16.7|skeletal cat=16.7|skeletal hamster=16.7|skeletal monkey=16.7|| the haunted gallery:cubist bull=26.7|empty suit of armor=26.7|guy with a pitchfork, and his wife=26.7|out in the garden=10|louvre it or leave it=10|| the haunted library:banshee librarian=25|bookbat=25|writing desk=25|take a look, it's in a book! (rise)=12.5|take a look, it's in a book! (fall)=12.5|| the haunted bedroom:animated nightstand (mahogany)=12.5|animated nightstand (white)=12.5|one nightstand (mahogany)=18.8|one nightstand (ornate)=18.8|one nightstand (white)=18.8|one nightstand (wooden)=18.8|| the haunted ballroom:floating platter of hors d'oeuvres=26.7|zombie waltzers=26.7|tapdancing skeleton=26.7|curtains=16|strung-up quartet=4|| the haunted billiards room (without pool cue):chalkdust wraith=50|pooltergeist=50|| the haunted billiards room (with pool cue):chalkdust wraith=37.5|pooltergeist=37.5|minnesota incorporeals=25|| the black forest:black adder=19|black knight=19|black panther=19|black widow=19|blackberry bysh=19|the blackberry cobbler=5|| the middle chamber:tomb bat=23.3|Iiti Kitty=23.3|tomb servant=23.3|wheel in the pyramid, keep on turning=30|| the upper chamber:tomb asp=33.3|tomb rat=33.3|tomb servant=33.3|| orcish frat house (verge of war):frat warrior drill sergeant=24|war pledge=56|catching some zetas=6.7|fratacombs=6.7|one less room than in that movie=6.7|| hippy camp (verge of war):war hippy (space) cadet=60|war hippy drill sergeant=20|bait and switch=6.7|blockin' out the scenery=6.7|the thin tie-dyed line=6.7|| barrrney's barrr:tetchy pirate=26.7|toothy pirate=26.7|tipsy pirate=26.7|a test of testarrrsterone=6.7|that explains all the eyepatches=6.7|yes, you're a rock starrr=6.7|| the f'c'le:An Impractical Joke=5.0|Chatterboxing=5.0|Come on Baby, Find my Pliers=5.0|The Chamber Music of the Sea=5.0|chatty pirate=13.3|cleanly pirate=13.3|clingy pirate=13.3|creamy pirate=13.3|crusty pirate=13.3|curmudgeonly pirate=13.3||

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