Paranormal Test Lab

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Paranormal Test Lab

You see a door marked "ESP Testing Facility" and step inside.

"Please be seated," says a man seated at a table. He points to a chair across from him.

"Let us begin. I will place a card, face down, here." He points to the center of the table -- a circle of light cast by an overhead bulb.

"You will attempt to discern what symbol is on the card, and point to the corresponding symbol here." He points to a sheet of paper on which 5 symbols are drawn.

  • If the correct card is "star":

He puts a card on the table. Dust motes float beneath the overhead lamp in an ever-changing constellation.

  • If the correct card is "circle":

He places a card in the circle of light and looks at you expectantly.

  • If the correct card is "3 waves":

He waves a fly away from his face as he places a card on the table.

  • If the correct card is "square":

He places a card on the table. You get the sense that if you screw this up, it's back to square one.

  • If the correct card is "plus":

He places a card on the table. Man, you hate tests. And the seriousness of his expression only adds to your anxiety.

  • Choosing the the correct card:

The proctor nods.

  • Choosing the wrong card:

The proctor nods. "Yes, thank you. That concludes the test. You are free to go."

When you don't immediately take advantage of your freedom to go, he summons an armed guard to take advantage of it for you, and you are hurriedly escorted off the premises.

  • After 5 correct answers:

The proctor abruptly leaps out of his chair, snaps a weird metal collar around your neck, and hurriedly escorts you out of the building.

Luckily, he forgot to latch the collar, so you just pull it off your neck.

Espcollar.gifYou acquire an item: ESP suppression collar

Occurs at The Secret Government Laboratory.


  • These are Zener cards, invented by parapsychologist Karl Zener for experiments in extrasensory perception, and famously used by Dr. Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters (1984).