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What is the pressure reduction for the 'makes you a better diver'?

No Pants for Me

Occurs as a consequence of using your portable pantogram.

  • Allows you to create a pair of pantogram pants once daily by clicking the center of the image. The pants are then delivered with the message:
You sacrifice the appropriate materials and rasp a prayer to Pantcifer, the Lord of Pants Hell. A pair of pants appears on your altar in a cloud of pantstone smoke. (Pantstone is like brimstone except pants.)
Pantos22.gifYou acquire an item: Purple-stained Molten Jewel-encrusted Ironwood Pantaloons of the Barbarian
  • The name of the pants are generated from the different choices and sacrifices given. At its base, the name of the pants will be one of:
Bellbottoms, Chaps, Dungarees, Jorts, Lederhosen, Leggings, Overalls, Pantaloons, Pants, Shorts, Trousers
Then, modifiers are added according to the buffs chosen. E.g. Starting from a base of Shorts:
Moxie (Moxie +10)Silk
Hot (So-So Hot Resistance (+2))Literally Smoking
the funk (+25% to all Moxie Gains)of the Funky Chicken
some self-respect (Monsters will be less attracted to you)Stealthy
bubblin' crude (Regenerate 5-15 MP per Adventure)Wildly Battery-powered
would create a pair named: Stealthy Wildly Battery-powered Literally Smoking Silk Shorts of the Funky Chicken
  • Despite the random name generation PvP, filtering, chat commands and other things of that will use pantogram pants

Pant Modifiers

The chart below shows all the different effects which can be obtained and the sacrifice necessary to obtain those effects. You may only get 1 effect from each section, although you can choose not to fill in the Sacrifice boxes.

Choice Amount Effect Name Modifiers
Muscle - Muscle +10 Boarskin • Burlap • Denim • Eagleskin • Flannel • Hide • Ironwood • Ivory • Maple • Oak • Tigerskin • Walnut
Mysticality - Mysticality +10 Cotton • Nylon • Tweed • Vinyl • Wool
Moxie - Moxie +10 Gold Lamé • Leather • Lycra • Polyester • Silk • Spandex
Hot - So-So Hot Resistance (+2) Flaming • Literally Smoking • Molten • Sizzling • of the Salamander
Cold - So-So Cold Resistance (+2) Frosted • Frozen • of the Polar Bear • of the Snowman • of the Yeti
Spooky - So-So Spooky Resistance (+2) Eerily-Glowing • Ethereal • Ghastly • Ghostly • of the Owl • of the Spectre • of the Wraith • Spooky
Sleaze - So-So Sleaze Resistance (+2) Greasy • Low-Rise • of the Pervert • Revealing
Stench - So-So Stench Resistance (+2) Filth-encrusted • Filthy • Gag-Provoking • Gross • Nasty • of the Dead Fish • of the Dump • of the Skunk • Revolting • Stinking • Soiled • Unwashed
Sacrifice (Left)
drops of blood - Maximum HP +40 Bloody • Healthy
nail clippings - Maximum MP +20 Brainy • of the Nerd • of the Electric Eel • Staticky
red pixel potion 1 Regenerate 5-10 HP per Adventure Bandage-Wrapped • of Healing • of the Paramedic • Vitamin-Enriched
royal jelly 1 Regenerate 5-15 HP per Adventure as above, but with an intensifier:
Extremely • Hella • Super • Ultra • Very • Wildly
scented massage oil 1 Regenerate 10-20 HP per Adventure as above, but with two intensifiers
Cherry Cloaca Cola 1 Regenerate 5-10 MP per Adventure Battery-powered • Energized • Fizzy • Magical
bubblin' crude 1 Regenerate 5-15 MP per Adventure as above, but with an intensifier:
Extremely • Hella • Super • Ultra • Very • Wildly
glowing New Age crystal 1 Regenerate 10-20 MP per Adventure as above, but with two intensifiers
baconstone 1 -3 MP to use Skills Gem-studded
Sacrifice (Middle)
some self-respect - Monsters will be less attracted to you of Self-control • of the Ninja • Stealthy
some self-control - Monsters will be more attracted to you Bellowing • of Respect
bar skin 1 +50% Combat Initiative Quick
hamethyst 1 +10% chance of Critical Hit Bejeweled
lead necklace 11 +10 to Familiar Weight Heavy
huge bowl of candy 1 +100% Candy Drops from Monsters Candy-coated
sea salt crystal 11 Makes you a better diver Diving
wriggling worm 1 +5 Fishing Skill With Worms in the Pockets
8-ball 15 +5 Pool Skill Full of Balls
moxie weed 99 Purple Avatar Purple-stained
ten-leaf clover 1 Occasional Hilarity Hilarious
Sacrifice (Right)
your hopes - Weapon Damage +20 of Mauling • of the Porcupine • Sharp
your dreams - Spell Damage +20% Nuclear • of Blasting
taco shell 1 +30% Meat from Monsters Greedy • Needy • Spendy
porquoise 1 +60% Meat from Monsters Jewel-encrusted
fairy gravy boat 1 +15% Item Drops from Monsters of Dancing
tiny dancer 1 +30% Item Drops from Monsters of the Jig • of the Packrat
Knob Goblin firecracker 3 +3 Muscle Stats Per Fight Explosive
razor-sharp can lid 3 +3 Mysticality Stats Per Fight Sharp
spider web 3 +3 Moxie Stats Per Fight Sticky
synthetic marrow 5 +25% to all Muscle Gains Juicy Bone
haunted battery 5 +25% to all Mysticality Gains Electro-charged
the funk 5 +25% to all Moxie Gains of the Funky Chicken


  • "some self-respect" decreases Combat Frequency by 5%.
  • "some self-control" increases Combat Frequency by 5%.
  • "Occasional Hilarity" causes the pants to drop an item that could be summoned by the skill Summon Hilarious Objects after 5% of combats, with one of the following messages:
Whoa, hilarious! Something just fell out of your pant leg!
That's weird, you don't remember leaving anything in these pants pockets.
Funnily, something pops out of your pants pocket!