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Pandamonium can be accessed through The Deep Fat Friars' Gate after completing the Friars Quest. Here, you can complete the Azazel, Ma Belle quest in order to receive extra organ capacity.

Pandamonium is divided into several areas:

  • On your first visit to Pandamonium:

After arriving in Pandamonium, you walk into Azazel's temple, as it's the largest and most dangerous-looking building you can see.

It's your basic evil hellish demon dwelling: the decorative motifs include blood, pulsating skin, flames, and the occasional throw rug to add some visual interest. Azazel hovers over his throne. He looks like a rip in reality that's full of red, glowing eyes and razor-sharp teeth.

"So," he says, in a burbling, mucousy whisper, "I heard you were looking for my misplaced talismans of evil power. I trust you would not dare enter this monument to eternal pain unless you had completed that quest. So you must have all three of my talismans, yes?"

"Um. Actually, I left them -- er -- at the coat check! I'll just pop out and get them, because I totally have them, and I'll be right back," you say, and make a quick exit.

Yeah, you should probably look for those talismans before you try going back in there.


  • Azazel's depiction as a mass of eyes and mouths is a reference to the comics character Azazel, who first appeared in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman.