Pagoda Quest

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The Pagoda Quest is an optional side-quest that provides an upgrade to your campsite. It does not appear in your quest log.


Alternative Method

This is useful if you just broke the prism and want to put up a Pagoda for aftercore, and you've completed the quest in a previous ascension.



When using the ketchup hound:

A dog, a plan, a canal, pagoda!

The ketchup hound reads the pagoda plans, and barks a series of instructions at the Hey Deze Nuts. They dig a deep canal around part of your campsite, and quickly construct a pagoda inside it.

When using the ketchup hound without Hey Deze nuts in your inventory:

The ketchup hound looks at your pagoda plans, and seems to understand them. He starts trying to dig the requisite canal, but his little paws aren't strong enough. It's cute, but ultimately ineffective.

When using the ketchup hound without Pagoda plans in your inventory:

The ketchup hound barks at the Hey Deze Nuts, and they start digging. Unfortunately, they have no plans to go by, so they just dig random trenches until they lose interest.


Before the 2022 revamp, having a Ten-leaf clover in your inventory when using the Elf Farm Raffle ticket would give you the pagoda plans (one time only) when not in Bad Moon


  • The quest text includes the palindrome "A dog, a plan, a canal. Pagoda!", which is a variation of the classic palindromes, "A Man, a Plan, a Canal – Panama" and "A Dog, a Panic in a Pagoda".