Packet of dragon's teeth

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packet of dragon's teeth
packet of dragon's teeth

This is a paper packet with a few dragon's teeth in it. Some of them already have little proto-skeletal bumps on 'em. I guess dragons get skeletons the same way people get cavities?

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: packets of dragon's teeth)
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Item number: 5880
Description ID: 593373158
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Obtained From

Mr. Store
Pete & Jackie's Dragon Tooth Emporium Catalog
Planting a new Garden with A Bone Garden as your current Garden

When Used

You scatter the dragon's teeth in the garden in your campground. They burrow into the ground of their own accord, as though moved by the spirit of Ray Harryhausen.


  • Grows A Bone Garden in your campground.
  • During a Bad Moon ascension, your bone garden will be invisible and inaccessible before freeing King Ralph. It will still follow its normal growth sequence (see A Bone Garden); for example, if you drop Bad Moon on day 2 of your ascension, the patch will reappear with 10 skeletons in it.
  • If there is already a crop in your Garden, your Bone Garden will replace that crop and return the previous crop's seed packet to you.
  • When replacing A Bone Garden with another crop, the following message is displayed:

You spend some time draggin' the teeth of a rake around in your garden until you've collected all the dragon's teeth, then carefully put them back into the packet.

Teethpacket.gifYou acquire an item: packet of dragon's teeth


  • Ray Harryhausen is a visual effects wizard, famous for his way with skeletons.
  • This item is a reference to the myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece, where one of the challenges the titular hero has to overcome is to defeat an army of animated skeletons born from planting a dragon's teeth in the ground.


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