Packet of beer seeds

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packet of beer seeds
packet of beer seeds

This is a packet containing a variety of seeds -- some barley, some hops, and some... little brown glass spheres, and some wadded up paper bits that look kind of like spitballs. Huh.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: packets of beer seeds)
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Item number: 6751
Description ID: 523573927
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Obtained From

Gordon Beer's Beer Garden Catalog

When Used

You install some trellises in the garden and plant the hops near them. You dig some furrows and plant the barley in them. You carelessly discard the little glass and paper bits, because what even are those things.


  • Grows A Beer Garden in your campground.
  • During a Bad Moon ascension, your beer garden will be invisible and inaccessible before freeing King Ralph. It will still follow its normal growth sequence (see A Beer Garden); for example, if you drop Bad Moon on day 4 of your ascension, the patch will reappear with four days' worth of growth in it.
  • If there is already a crop in your Garden, your Beer Garden will replace that crop and return the previous crop's seed packet to you.
  • When replacing A Beer Garden with another crop, the following message is displayed:
You collect all the seeds from your various beer-related plants and stick them back in a seed packet.
Beerseeds.gifYou acquire an item: packet of beer seeds


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