Packet of beer nuts

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packet of beer nuts
packet of beer nuts

What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? One costs about $1.79, and you should have your mouth washed out with soap.

Type: food (crappy)
Size: 1
Level required: 2
Selling Price: 12 Meat.

(In-game plural: packets of beer nuts)
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Item number: 3738
Description ID: 487975834
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Obtained From

Chez Snootée (sometimes) (36 Meat)
Orcish Frat House
Orcish Frat Boy (Music Lover) (pickpocket only)
Orcish Frat Boy (Paddler) (pickpocket only)
Orcish Frat Boy (Pledge) (pickpocket only)

When Consumed

You eat the beer nuts. You're no longer worried about getting enough protein, but man these things are salty. You could really use a beer.
AdventuresYou gain 1 Adventure.
Breath.gifYou acquire an effect: Salty Mouth
(duration: 1 Adventure)
(You gain 1 Fullness.)


  • If you include Salty Mouth into the equation, this food gives 5-7 adventures, equal to that of an EPIC quality food.


  • The other half of the joke is usually 'while deer nuts can be found under a buck.'
  • The note about getting enough protein may refer to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which eating a packet of peanuts (not beer nuts) provided extra protein and enabled recovery from matter transference beams.


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